Saturday, January 08, 2011

Don't Be Jealous. I had a "Moment" with Kim Zolciak and Derek J. - FABULOUS!!

Kim Zolciak's lazy fabulousness and Derek J's (of RHOA and Good Hair fame - if you haven't seen Derek's swag in Good Hair, go rent it immediately) unapologetic fiercenes are two bulls in the china shop of Real Housewives.  And that's why they're my favorites. 

Do I usually laugh at minions begging for celebrity ReTweets like London-town street urchins? Yes, yes I do. 

Did I have a moment(s - pluralizing because I do it all the time, I just like to judge others with my holier than thou self) of gushing pandering in hopes of acknowledgement? Why yes, yes I did:


Um... yeah, so then this happened!!!!!:

Holy Sh1t, holy sh1t, the tweet did mean a thing.......

And if my heart didn't stop long enough. Then THIS HAPPENED!!!


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