Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jersey Shore's Sammi and Ronnie Looked Very Together Leaving Seaside (Season 3). So Was MTV Lying To Us?


Store this one in the "shaking my head" file.  The - dare I say it - underwhelming Jersey Shore finale left me more confused than usual. Sure the story lines were all tied up in a pretty bow - JWOWW got her man, Vinny found his inner douche, Mike was the town gossip, Team Meatball was in full effect, and Sammi and Ronnie were "over" for good. But was it REAL?

The entire time I was watching it, I kept thinking everything seemed more  "produced" than ever before.   But something very specific was gnawing at me, I just couldn't put my finger on it.


I woke up in a cold sweat, slapping my forehead.  "Ah, yes" I screamed to myself.  "The photos!!!!!"

A little background: one of the downfalls of being a successful reality show is the paparazzi attention. By the time Season 3 came around for Jersey Shore, the photogs and fans with camera phones were ever-present.  Surely a thorn in the side of MTV.  If you've ever seen the raw footage from fan cell phones on YouTube or TMZ type coverage of the kids on the Shore last summer, you saw in actuality that they had throngs of fans screaming their names everywhere they went. So you know the editors and sound guys did a lot of extra work to make it look like the JS cast were still normal kids having a typical Seaside experience.

Cut to sometime in September 2010 when I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, "A Socialite's Life."  There were 40+ images (via WENN photo agency) featuring the cast bidding farewell to the shore house.  KABLAMO - here's Exhibit A, B, C through Z to prove that Sammi and Ronnie did not leave the house in the way that MTV lead us to believe - a screenshot from ASL  (visit the site to see the full gallery):  

As you can see, Sammi and Ronnie were hugging and even kissing goodbye.  They sure looked together, or at the very least on good terms to us.  As we also told you (way before the gossip rags), they eventually had a more permanent "break-up" in January.

Here's my guess as to what happened.  Given that Sammi and Ronnie broke up in January, the post-production team soon after cut a finale that showed a permanent break up to catch up with time.  That way, the Reunion special would be more current.  Mmmm Hmmmm, we see what you did there M(anipulation)TV.

October 2011 Update on Ronnie and Sammi's Relationship!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do You 2Birds1Blog? We Do. Check Out Our Q&A With Meg McBlogger!

Woot. Woot. Our little "engine that could" blog is rubbing elbows with some bullet trains.  We did a Q&A with 2Birds1Blog's Meg McBlogger.

Some background:

If you even have to ask what 2Birds1Blog is, then you're probably not hip enough to be reading this (and you don't take my blogroll seriously - how could you?).  But you can stay.

What is it?  In it's self-described words, 2Birds1Blog is "the sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere." 2B1B catalogs the life of lovable slash mischievous Meg McBlogger. An explanation beyond that won't do it justice because you have to read it to truly "get it."  Meg has had a couple different co-bloggers through the years, but Mr. Tulane Chris (AKA Ethel to Meg's Lucy - if you're a baby, let me rephrase this: Lily to Meg's Miley slash Hannah) has been the steady mainstay for some time now, because he's pretty awesome too.  

Be forewarned that the moment you discover it, you'll read the most recent entry and say to yourself "What the heck is this thing?  I must have more immediately."  Then you'll say to yourself - "I can't read this thing in reverse - it will mess with the time/space continuum, and I can't have that on my shoulders." So you'll scroll to the very first entry in 2007 - when our little baby Meggles just finished college and entered the real world - and get hooked in (P.S. she hid her real identity in the beginning, you'll get it - just keep reading).

Before you know what hit you, you'll shut out life, call in sick, slip into your Snuggy (natch) and go to town - reading the posts through the years then waking up out of the 2B1B coma a few days later saying "No seriously, what was that??????" "Must have more!" (P.S. the postings drop off at times and you'll probably join the throngs of Birdsers (yeah Meg/Chris, I just named your legion of followers, you're WELCOME) who send loving hate mail to them until they publish a new post. (P.P.S. lucky for us, they'll have a book out this Fall - we had to suffer a bit of a drought while they were writing it, but phew, that's behind us now).

Meggles is the bees knees and on a whim-sy, we (AKA I) sent her a bunch of Q's - cause we just had to know even more about her (which is saying a lot because in the past 4 years, she's revealed more about herself than we even know about our closest friends/family/enemies/bosses etc. etc. and so on and so forth.)  That was a few weeks ago, then crickets.  But today - the birds were a chripin.  Meggles indulged our Q's with some A's on the blog this morning.  Head on over and ch-ch-check it out.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Twitter Misspelling of the Day - Frankie Delgado Edition

The T is silent maybe???

Frankie Delgado celebrating the double overtime victory of the San Diego State AZTECS #MarchMadness.  

At least he didn't spell it AXEtecs, cause you just know that's got to be his favorite cologne -#obvs.  

So Chet Haze Was Serious This Whole Time???

I can't.  I just can't even.

Here is Tom Hanks' baby at SXSW.  Don't you just love how VIBE is egging him on like they're serious?

Oh, so of course I've been on his Twitter for the past half hour gleaning wisdom.  Some notables:

I hate it when they put Biggie verses over modern day beats...its like someone redecorating the sistene chapel !

[Mind. Blown.]

[He's bringing Snoop talk back!! Or he never stopped! Probably never stopped.  Now I'm sad]

Anyone who saw the SXSW performance, email us your first-hand account - we want to share the Chet gospel with the world.

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger Breakup - Coincidence? I Think Not.

Does anyone else think it's a little too coincidental that news of Brad and Renee's split came on the same day that his new film Limitless opened?

How come nobody is commenting on this in the gazillion stories out there? #OldestTrickInTheBook

Mmmm hmmmm.  We see what you did there Brad and Renee.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top O' The Tweets To Ya

Top Tweets of the Day (so far - if you find more, send them to us and we'll post 'em if they're worthy)

@WillyFerrel (Will Ferrel):

I got 99 cookies cuz a bitch ate one

@thesulk (Alec Sulkin - Family Guy writer + Sarah Silverman's ex-boyfriend):

12 seconds is 5 internet minutes.


Sitcom characters learn a lot of lessons. 

Slim pickins today.  Must be the green beer...

This post was brought to you by snorkeling Snooki and Jionni:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Party For Charlie Sheen's Twin Boys at Hilton Family House (With Pics)

At this very moment, there's a 2nd birthday celebration Charlie Sheen's twin boys (Bob and Max)

It was reported by MSNBC earlier today that Hilton family matriarch, Kathy Hilton, would be hosting the party for the boys at the Hilton family home in Bel Air.

We even have a picture of the party layout courtesy of Conrad Hilton (youngest Hilton son), who Tweeted this morning "Just woke up and my back yard looks like this.. I'm down!!!!" with the following photo:

Nick Hilton, this afternoon, Tweeted: "I go to kids parties strictly for the food! :D" together with this yummy pic:

David Katzenberg, boyfriend of Nicky Hilton (and son of Jeffrey Katzenberg), also Tweeted:

Interesting choice of #words, David. Sounds like a fun  party.  

So, what's the relation with the Hiltons? Kathy Hilton knows Brooke Mueller - mother of the boys -  because she is friends with her daughter Paris Hilton.  Brooke is currently filming a reality show with Paris for the Oxygen channel.

Bob and Max are not the only children of Charlie Sheen who are celebrating birthdays today.  The MSNBC story also purports that Denise Richards is throwing a 7th party for daughter Sam. According to the story, Charlie Sheen will not be in attendance at either party.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Thoughts Are With Japan

Folks, Patsy Nation needs to get serious for a minute.  We know you visit for your daily trash, but today there is a devastating news story that is impossible to ignore.  The massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan has caused widespread destruction.  If you have family or loved ones in the area that you are concerned about, head on over to the Google Person Finder.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who's This Arvin (Lall) Guy From Jersey Shore?

Some dude  named Arvin sure stirred up a lot of dramz on tonight's Jersey Shore.  But seriously, who is this guy?  

A little bit of digging turned up a couple clues.  His name is Arvin Lall.  He's from Jersey (natch) and went to Rutgers University.  Oh yeah, and here is a snapshot of his Facebook (closed) profile - not much else to glean.  Picture is pretty typical for the Guido Juicehead species dontcha think???

P.S., you can't see it here because who ever took this crappy screen cap cut it off, but he also "likes" Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm - at least we have that in common.  Oh and he likes "cuddling" too, lucky for you ladies.


Teen Mom 2 & Teen Mom: Updates on Cast

The ups and downs of being a teen are relenentless.  The cast of Teen Mom is no exception and according to the Twitter feeds of the young ladies - there have been a lot of updates in recent weeks (since the time of filming).
  • We are assuming that the volatile relationship between Chelsea Houska (@ChelseaHouska) and Adam Lind is once again over based on her Tweet on March 3, 2011:

  • OK! Magazine this week reported Chelsea Houska's best friend and former roommate, Megan Nelson  is now pregnant too (she is 19).  Megan (@MENelson10) confirmed the news on her Twitter page on March 7 stating:

 "121 days left of my pregnancy :-) :-) going by fast!"

  • We can assume that Maci Bookout (@MaciBookoutMTV) and her boyfriend Kyle King are still going strong as she Tweeted yesterday:

 "Loveeee kyle he perfect and loves me" 
  • Leah Messer (@LeahDawnMesser) wants us to know that she and Corey Simms are married and still together, she Tweeted yesterday saying:

 "Just for the record, Corey and I are NOT divorcing!(:"

  • We also seethat Kailyn Lowry (@kaailll) and her new boyfriend Jordan are likely still together based on her March 4 Twitter proclamation and Twitpic:  

"You are so handsome.@rennew_nadroj"  

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    Sheen's Korner Episode 4 - Tiger Blood Organic Juice Finally Unveiled!!

    Sheen's Korner Episode 4 (Building the Perfect Torpedo) just got started and the important news first... the moment we've been waiting for has finally come!  The Tiger Blood drink has been unveiled.  Looks like it's made with 100% organic beet, carrot and pear juice (that's all we can see from this shot of the label).  Pretty cool, we're all for healthy.  We predict it will sell off the shelves and will join the ranks of Red Bull and Cranberry Juice as the most popular drink mixers. 

    Aside from that, the new opening intro was too bizarre to accurately describe - quick cuts of Sheenisms, a bottle of Cialis, images of "enemies" (see below) and scenes form old movies like Platoon.  Once Charlie came into focus, we saw a cleaner, more put together Sheen....

    The episode was short and consisted of Charlie making declarations about the injustice and "high treason" of his recent firing.  He then recited near incomprehensible poetry as he announced an enemy list of sorts.  On that list?   

    Les Moonves
    Peter Roth
    Bruce (not sure who, no last name given)
    Chuck Lorre

    And that's all she wrote...

    Kim Zolciak's New 11,000 Sq. Ft. House?

    Kim Zolciak is allegedly moving on up from her townhouse in Duluth, GA to a sprawling $3.2 million 11,000 sq. ft. estate located on two acres of land in nearby Roswell.  The news was revealed yesterday by Zolciak's daughter Brielle on her Formspring page.

    The new  house boasts such luxury features as 3 kitchens, an elevator, and a 30 seat theater just to name a few.This is a big step up for Kim whose 3.3k sq. ft. Duluth townhouse listed for just under $500,000 late last year.

    No word on whether Kroy will be living in the new house - but who wouldn't want to live there?  Congrats to the growing Zolciak family.

    UPDATE 3/10/2011: Kim just Tweeted this about hoping they accept her offer on a house:

    (images via

    Shh Don't Tell Steve (@shhdontellsteve) Author Tweets About Rise and Fall of TV Series Deal

    The author of the @shhdontellsteve (SDTS) Twitter account - which chronicles the life of the writer's unknowing (and hilarious) buffoon of a roommate, Steve - came forward today about his Hollywood experience.  

    A little background: similar to the story of the (now flailing) CBS show "Sh*t My Dad Says,"  SDTS is a Twitter account that amassed a cult-like following - to the point that Hollywood took notice. Late last year, CBS came calling once again to pursue a sitcom  based on the SDTS story.  

    Since that time the SDTS Twitter account has gone radio silent-   presumably to work out a deal, script, pilot etc...  That silence was broken today when the author (name unknown) Tweeted a series of entries explaning what happened (spoiler alert: not a happy Hollywood ending).  

    The Tweets follow (in chronological order): 

    Here is how I went to LA, Steve almost became a “gigantic” national icon, I ate a Pinks Chili Dog and never met Ashton Kutcher in 14 tweets 

    Get a call from an Agent that wants to turn my Steve feed into a sitcom. I’m told we can “deal with all the legal Steve related stuff” later 

    CBS doesn’t pick up show. Everybody is very cool about it. Turning Steve into Gigantic Global Icon is firmly back in #stevenation’s court 

    Hollywood happy ending (yet), but there's one thing we do know - we're still 100% #SteveNation.

    P.S. we think this would make for a great movie - so you never know....
    P.P.S who's the creepy sexting agent????

    Monday, March 07, 2011

    Bree Olson Sets The Record Straight... Tweets About Charlie and Natty

    P.S. Our Open Letter to Charlie about Sheen's Korner.  Do you agree?  #Tigerblood #Winning #PlanBetter #EarnYourself

    Free Advice For Charlie Sheen's "Sheen's Korner" [Team #TigerBlood]

    Dear Charlie (and Charlie's People):

    We have now watched two full episodes of the Charlie Sheen web show - Sheen's Korner - and we gotta say, Charlie you're on the right track of improvements with your second installment, cleverly entitled "Torpedoes of Truth."  Senor Sheen, we commend you for indulging our voyeuristic nature by allowing us to watch you partake in a real time phone call with your advisor.  We like seeing "backstage" happenings that we're not "supposed to see"

    Taking it a step further, we'd like to offer up some free tips on how to continue to ride this wave.  The value of our advice far outweighs anything you'll get from a bunch of phony marketers or Internet experts.  Why?  A) because in a past life, we've seen the pitches sold for thousands, and they've all failed and B) Because these days, we're losers who sit around watch reality TV and read celebrity gossip blogs all day long.

    We know exactly what works with people like us, and trust-  there's a lot of us a-holes out there.  P.S. we heard Howard Stern's advice this morning of 15 things you could have done better and we gotta say, while we agree with a couple ,many of our ideas go in a different direction.  Howard wants you to ride the theme of porn, and while a specific demo of male viewers would welcome it, you're not going to capture mainstream America's hearts with that type of content.  In fact, you'll probably get shut out real quick.

    So what do we have in mind?  Here's our free advice (but there's more where this came from, so give us a shout at if you want to hear more):

    1. More phone conversations with people, we love this - A+.  Has Rachel called you from Fort Wayne?  We want to see that. 
    2. We 100% co-sign Howard Stern's suggestion that you should give us a tour of your house. We want to know more about your everyday life, and this is a huge part of it. Plus, dude, you live in the Mulholland Estates, with the likes of Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump.  We're dying to see more of this.  We want to see rooms, backyard, kitchen, even the street out front.  Anything.
    3. We want to see what you eat.  Don't ask us to explain it, but people are obsessed with food.  When celebs tweet pics of their plates, we're all over it. When paps catch photos of celebs eating, we can't get enough. Show us your lunch - that's a whole episode right there.  Show us the inside of your refrigerator.  Have a 5 minute Q&A with your chef where you ask him to explain to the camera the types of food you like and dislike. Ask him/her to tells us what your oddest food has been. 
    4. Have a conversation with someone where you're the one asking them questions.  It would be nice to switch things up once or twice and have the focus be less on a monologue (which we love, don't get us wrong) and more on you semi-interviewing someone else.  For example, ask Natty Napalm what she did that day and respond to her response.  Do you want more female viewers?  Ask her what her favorite beauty products are/what her beauty regimen is.  Women go ape sh1t for this stuff, trust us.  You won't believe it but it's true. Another example, have a conversation with your maid.  It humanizes you and will make America fall in love with you.  This may sound inane, but Google "Jeff Lewis" and "Zoila" and you'll understand.  
    5. Show us your closet.  Take your little Flip camera, walk over to your closet, open it and let us take it all in.  Then pull out some of your favorite pieces of clothing and tell us what you love about them.  If there is anything there with some sentimental value, tell us the story behind it.
    Viola, 5 episodes right there that will give you ratings through the roof.  Email us Charlie (or Charlie's people), we've got a lot more to share.

    P.S.  RIP Betty Sheen. Plus, here's the live blog from Sheen's Korner Episode 1

    RIP Betty Sheen

    Charlie Sheen and Natty Napalm yesterday announced (in the second episode of Sheen's Korner) that Charlie's 11 year old black pug, Betty passed away.  As Charlie put it, [Betty is] "in another dimension, flashing her razor fangs."  The two were kindred spirits, sharing the same birthday of September 3.   Flash on Betty, flashy on.

    P.S. Wanna see our Open Letter to Charlie Sheen?  


    • Current Mood: Annoyed
    • Favorite Color: Black
    • Current Obsession: Howard Stern Show
    • Favorite Reality Show(s): Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, Celebrity Apprentice (David Cassidy was robbed!!!!!!!), Teen Mom (yeah we said it), Jerseylicious
    • Which Housewives? Rank them, bitch: First of all, don't call me bitch.  Second of all: NJ, Beverly Hills, Orange County, NY and Atlanta are tied (D.C. and Miami don't count)
    P.S. did you hear all the original BH hens signed on for a second season? Yes, including Camille and Kim.  

    Saturday, March 05, 2011

    Charlie Sheen's UStream: Live Blogging

    It's Saturday night, so natch we're home.  But this isn't just any ordinary Saturday night for a loser homebody - this is like the greatest Saturday night to have nothing to do.  Why? Because just a few hours ago, Mr. Charlie Sheen himself announced he'd be broadcasting a UStream live from his house.

    We're logged in ready to go, waiting for Mr. Sheen. The UStream just got started!!!

    • Whoa, Simon Rex  (AKA Dirt Nasty) is there!!!! Why? Who knows? 
    • Charlie opens with shout outs to his sponsors - apparently he's making some money on this thing, hence the $  t-shirt. Sponsors include HDNet and a new drink called "Tiger Blood" - it's organic just so you know. 
    • One of the goddesses is missing!  (Rachel AKA Bree Olson) Charlie says she's "out of town."  Interesting since earlier in the day Charlie tweeted she left him and that he was taking new applications, but then quickly deleted the tweet saying they were back together.   A quick check on her Twitter account reveals that she's in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Perhaps visiting family?
    • 7:07 PST: So far more than 112,000 viewers have tuned in
    • 7:08 Charlie just unveiled a new tattoo with the word "WINNING" scrawled on his wrist.  Surely a new trend.  I've already called the tattoo parlor to get my appointment.  
    • 7:10 some LOLcat style pics of cats "winning" over dogs are being displayed.  Natch.
    • 7:11 Some bizarro news is being reported.  Something about an eagle scout.  Then, a bald eagle crashing into a windshield and surviving. 
    • 7:14 we're officially bored.  Guess this is really supposed to be some sort of "show."  Why did we think he was going to have some news about his life or 2.5 Men to report??? We're kind of ready to give up on this thing.  We'll give it a couple more minutes.
    • 7:16 they're finally wrapping up the "Winning" news. Charlie just said he may be broadcasting everyday or every week if enough people are interested.  Based on this ep, we're gonna have to say "Nyet nyet Soviet" to that proposal. 
    • P.S. lots of fart sounds happening throughout the broadcast thanks to the "Music Guy" Simon Rex mixing from a laptop in the background.  Is Charlie trying to be Howard Stern??? 
    • Now they're waiting for a call "from the President" WTF??? Nothing happens and Charlie looks to be annoyed by the disorganization of the team.  He wants to fire someone. 
    • 7:19 New segment "Weighing in With Rick"  they want us to Twitter in some questions.  BORING
    • Sidenote - back to Howard Stern: We kind of think this was Howard Stern's idea to begin with. Earlier this week in his interview with Charlie, he said he wanted to send Charlie a microphone so he would broadcast for Sirius.  Wonder why Mr. Sheen decided to go with Mark Cuban instead.......  We're guessing it may have something to do with money. 

    • Now Charlie's asking for viewers to tell him what their favorite Charlie Sheen saying is......
    • 7:22 Lots of nonsense and gibberish among the group, speaking amongst themselves like they don't have a camera on them
    • 7:23 The subject of the BYU sex scandal was brought up via Twitter by a viewer.  Charlie's two cents on the topic: "there's two ways to look at it... BYU... lighten up" or "he knew the rules coming in." Wow, profound. Tiger blood runs deep. 
    • 7:24 Charlie debuted the new saying "Losing"
    • 7:25 Charlie is drinking something out of a sippy cup

    • 7:26 viewer count is going down.  It's now in the 105,000 range.  (P.S. we're barely hanging by a thread ourselves)
    • 7:27 new segment "Wish They Were Me." On that list? Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace and some addiction specialist that apparently spoke out about Charlie.
    • 7:30 new segment "Wish I Were Them." On that list? Colin Farrel, Brian Wilson and Sean Penn
    • 7:32 Charlie announces a new list "The Gnarls Gnarlington List." (apparently that's a good thing???) On that list? Reggie Jackson, Todd Zale (sp?), Tony Todd, Mark Cuban and "me" 
    • 7:34 everyone is hot and sweaty looking - wiping their brows.  Charlie is complaining about no air conditioning, making jokes about a budget
    • 7:35 viewership has dipped to the 99,000 range

    • 7:36  Charlie is pushing a new saying "Plan Better" on us.  "Natty Napalm" came to sit on his lap to be a part of the Plan Better segment.  We didn't really get it. 
    • 7:38 Charlie is complaining about his Homeowners Association - something about cameras and the front gate guards.
    • 7:40 Charlie continues to ramble in a stream of consciousness where we're only comprehending every third word or so. Prob cause we don't have tiger blood.  Boo us.   Something about Jeff Ross? Or some other Jeff???  We think? We're "losing"
    • 7:41 Charlie intro's a new saying "Earn Yourself"
    • 7:43 Charlie's reading fan favorite Charlie-isms. We agree with this one: "Come on bro, I won best picture at 20"
    • 7:45 Charlie says he burned his AA book.  Now the gang is awkwardly saying "Now what?" They're out of segments.
    • 7:47 Sooo..... Charlie starts rummaging through his drawer to show us what's in it (ironically, this act of desperation becomes our favorite segment).  He shows us his book of poetry that he wrote (that was conveniently just laying around), and Casey Stengel's passport.  His friend with the hat is going through a "magic tray" with a bunch of candy in it.  Yes, it's come to this.
    • 7:49 Charlie shows us his Apocalypse Now (this again?) "channel" that streams the movie all day long (AKA a DVD on loop)  
    • 7:50 Charlie is talking about past movie moments (that he starred in), and then disses Wall Street 2
    • 7:52 Charlie reads us one of his poems from the book to wrap up the show.  Lucky us. 
    • 7:53 It's finally over!!!!!
    We can proudly say we survived "Sheen's Korner." We need to go take a shower now.

    Update: It happened too quick for us to catch it, but apparently the call in the middle of the broadcast that Charlie picked up was from none other than Beverly Hills Housewife Adrienne Maloof's husband Dr. Paul Nassif

    They're Charlie's neighbors (and friends).  Dr. Nassif tweeted back to his wife that he wanted to see if Charlie would actually pick up the phone.  Maloof and the Doof strike again.  Man we miss them. 

    Friday, March 04, 2011

    Jersey Shore Reunion: Is Everyone Mad at Mike?

    Source: Facebook
    The JS crew is in Los Angeles this weekend filming the Jersey Shore Season 3 Reunion, and sources allege that Mike is pretty much the outcast of the group.

    Although Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is right up there with Snooki as the biggest Jersey Shore resident, his popularity with the roommates is an entirely different "situation."  If you've watched any of the Jersey Shore Hook-Ups or After Shows lately, you've surely seen the roomies get more and more eye-rolley about him. Even in recent episodes, the Gang is beginning to piece together the fact that Mike has instigated nearly every house controversy.

    We predict that Sorrentino will be hated on heavily throughout the Reunion (kind of like he was in the Season 1 Reunion, but worse).  We're also betting that normally neutral DJ Pauly D may even get in on the action.

    What do you think?  Do you get the same feeling?