Friday, January 21, 2011

Oprah's Big Family Secret? Our Predictions - UPDATED WITH ANSWER

UPDATED 1/24/11 (morning) So, we were right! Our #1 prediction is the truth that was revealed by Oprah today.  She has a half sister she never knew about.  Her mother gave birth to a child when Oprah was 9 (and living with her father) that was eventually given up for adoption.  Oprah reunites with her half-sister, Patricia, today on the show.  Man, we're good.  Congrats Oprah! 

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So we're getting ready for the weekend (AKA sitting on our butts, mentally preparing our snacks and TV lineup).  THEN - out of the blue, the Big O herself says something HUGE in a show teaser.  She's going to a) drop a big bomb on us Monday by revealing a family secret she's been keeping for months; and b) have some sort of on-air reunion!

We've never wanted a Monday to come so fast.  What could the secret be????  Since we're on a roll with our predictions (granted Oprah and Jersey Shore are a bit apples and orange people), we're going to venture some guesses on this one.

These have absolutely no basis - pure conjecture - but we'll believe in our own psychic powers if we get anything even remotely right.  Here are our three guesses:
  1. Maybe Oprah has a long lost sibling she never knew about - until now 
  2. Perhaps Stedman has a long lost child he didn't know about until recently
  3. Or, what if Oprah brings her mom onto the show (Oprah has said they are not close at all - Oprah was not really raised by her mother for very long) to discuss things about Oprah's childhood that Oprah never knew????
Quick Update (1/21, evening time): We'd like to make a bonus prediction #4.  Given that genealogy and ancestry DNA testing are such a big trend these days, we also wouldn't be surprised if Oprah got a test and it revealed something shocking e.g. someone else famous she is related to.  Some folks on other sites are wondering if it may even be Maya Angelou she's related to.  

So there you have it. We'll circle back on this one Monday to see how we did.

Oh yea, and email us your predictions ( - if you get it right, we may name you in our update post after the secret is revealed next week.

Update (1/22 evening time): Keep the predictions coming!!!!  We got a bunch at first and now.. crickets! Is that all you got???

P.S. Here's the post on our Jersey Shore predictions that are beginning to come true:


  1. I predict she's following the trend of so many other celebs and has adopted a baby from overseas. She will "meet" the infant for the first time on the show Monday.

  2. aaah @HerDellness, how crazy would that be if it happened???? And how awesome would it be to be Oprah's kid??

    We would be way surprised though since she was recently on Piers Morgan saying something to the effect of "not regretting she never had kids" but who knows???

  3. I bet it's that she's related to someone super famous? Maybe Pres. Obama or Michelle???

  4. Anonymous11:08 PM

    what if the child she had really did not die, and Oprah found out and found the long lost child?

  5. @Stich Family - think you may be on to something there

  6. @Anonymos: would be lying if we said the thought didn't cross our minds, but maybe a bit too "Days of Our Lives" to be plausible???

  7. Im from Chicago and on our news last nite they showed Michelle Obama's limo going into Oprah's studios for a "taping for next week" ...On the commercial it looks like there's a woman walking onto the stage, shown from the back ...I keep watching it and whoever it is doesn't look tall enough to be Michelle ....Im so anxious to find out!!