Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What? Of The Day - Hollywood Age Differences You May Not Have Noticed

Everyone is all up in everyone else's business when it comes to cougars and cradle robbers.  But what about Hollywood pulling the old "age bait and switch" on us?

Actors and actresses regularly star in roles portraying characters in different age brackets than their "real" selves (and we're not talking about flashback or flash forward sequences).

Chew on this:

  • Stockard Channing was 34 years old when she played 17/18 year-old Rizzo in Grease.  Jeff Conaway was 28 playing a 17/18 year old Kanecki 
  • Ian Ziering and Gabrielle Carteris played 15/16 year olds on Beverly Hills 90210 when their real ages were 26 and 29 (respectively)
  • Sara Gilbert played a 10 or 11 year old on Roseanne when she was really 13 (a big difference at such a young age)
  • Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel currently portray a couple that is the same age (they started college in 1996 so 32ish) on How I Met Your Mother, but in reality they have a 6 year age difference.  She is 37 and he is 31.
  • Lisa Kudrow was almost 30 when she began playing Phoebe Buffay (a woman in her early 20s) on Friends
  • On the Golden Girls, Estelle Getty was 69 when she starred as the 86 year old Sophia Petrillo
  • Henry Winkler played 17 year old Arthur Fonzarelli on Happy Days when he was actually 29 in real life
  • Tom Welling was 24 when he began playing 15 year old Superman on Smallville

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