Thursday, January 06, 2011

Too. Excited. To. [FILL IN BLANK, breathe, work, eat, talk shit etc. etc.] Jersey Shore 3 & RHOBH Tonight!!!

I'm having a full on Jessie Spano moment right now - I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so so scaaaaareed!!! 

I've been waiting weeks - nay months - nay, my whole life for this.  Jersey Shore is finally back for a third season that promises to be EPIC (<---- read that like annoying frat douche, that's the emphasis I need you to put on the word epic to really grasp the meaning of the sentence).  PLUS, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills back tonight after a mini-hiatus. 

image via NO I'M NOT KIDDING
GIGGY HAS A WEB SITE. I'm excited and
scared all over again. BRB, going to make pocorn and
devour the site in its entirety.
By the by, RHOBH is on at 9 tonight - assumingly b/c Bravo is scurred of JS3. As well they should be.  But phew, we really dodged a Sophie's Choice bullet there. I mean amirite or amirite?

Oh, and part two, who else heard that the RHOBH reunion that was just filmed a couple days ago was also crazy epic (<-- again, Sig Ep douche circa 2002 voice, give it all you got)??? Supposably Camille has since said she's quttin that shit.  I mean come on, we all know she was probably hated on for 3 hours straight on some Bravo rented couch at Villa Blanca for the reunion so, yeah there's that. But I really think we need to petition to bring her back.  That show would be surriously burring without her. (sorry for all the urrrr's replacing the middles of real words. that's the mood I'm in.  You know, the kind of mood where you run around telling everyone you're gettin' your hurrr did, and then take it too far with every other word?  And no, I'm not even getting my hurr did but.... minor details).

Um, hi, by the way why was I the last to find out that Camille was (allegedly) a rent-a-woman for like the Sultan of Brunei or something like that?  It's actually on her Wikipedia page (ugh too lazy to find link - stop being such a sloth and Google it).  Dang I missed class that day.  And here I am posing as a  media mogul over here.  Shame on me.

 P.S. I hear Snooki's getting a big-head (ha! just realized the irony of the sentence, but I'm talking figuratively) with all this fame.  Exhibit A: she only wants to be called Nicole now since she's a serious published author. Exhibit B: she was on Access Hollywood Live hating on The Situation and the fact that he did Dancing With The Stars becuase the show is for has beens.  Eekk Snoozi I was really routing for ya, but I don't know anymore. Once someone gets the humble knocked out of them, we're pretty much all gonna drink the haterade.  G'luck sneezy. 

Jailbird Snooki will see you out now.

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