Friday, February 03, 2012

Just In Case You Were Wondering If Jersey Shore's Ronnie and Sammi Were Still Together

They are NOT. This according to Snooki and JWOWW on The Wendy Williams Show today. I mean, I think they haven't been together for months now. But, you know - if you needed more confirmation, now you got it.

Ronnie, what do you think? Ronnie? Where'd he go????????
Oh, here he is...

k, bye!

Jersey Shore Judgements: The Emancipation of Snooki......'s Bladder

These are raw, unedited judgements I wrote down in sequence as I watched the show - Season 5 Episode 5:  

  • How can we get Deena to stop "merp"ing? (My dog stops yelping if I give him cheese, so there's that)
  • Is Mayor Roger doing the "dip" on JWOWW again?
  • This was all of our faces when The Situation dropped the loyalty and betrayal tattoo bomb right?
  • I feel the sads when I see the gang at Karma this time around.  I think it's because they didn't cut to a :05 shot of Sammi brawling on the floor.
  • Why is Snooki calling a hooker's bath a "Shore shower?" Oh, never mind. 
  • You know what?  I think we're all one of two things after the club:  a Deena eating Hot Pockets or a Vinny doing Push Ups.  Which on are you? I'm a Hot Pocket.
  • After four seasons of Ronnie and Sammi drama, I have Stockholm syndrome.  So now I feel betrayed that they are glossing over these two - ON PURPOSE
  • Why is Snooki sleeping in her shoes?  
  • What's the picture below, you ask? Oh, just Snooki being Snooki (AKA throwing away her drawers because she pee'd herself in the club the night before. AND THEN SHE SLEPT IN THEM ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE THROWING THEM AWAY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • It's a little sad when Deena's only running story line is "hair problems" 
  • Miikee?  Mike? Miiiiiiiiiiiiike? What are you up to? What are you up to?
  • Ohhhhhhh, so "Janx" is "Jenkinson's?" Mystery solved.
  • Mike: "I'm actually like a native to this area." How far is Janx from the Shore?  Is this like a Scooby Doo alternate universe to the gang?
  • Snooki has fully transformed into the family pet - piddling on the deck outside.  Bad Snooki! bad!

  • Serious question: Why were the scrambling Situation's pubic area when he was wearing shorts?
  • Never mind, thank you JWOWW for solving the mystery.  Follow up question - why were Snooki and Deena acting all normal while Mike's "situation" was hanging out of his shorts?
  • Hold up, wait a minute - what is this country cottage, shabby chic, Laura Ashley sitting area Mike and Snooki just landed in? Is this part  of the Scooby Doo alternate universe at the house?
  • Why are all those sneakers always lined up in rows in the living room?
  • What the?
  • Ok, so Snooki ACTUALLY IS the family pet now - not just metaphorically speaking.  Interesting. Did Kafka write this episode?

  • How excited is Mike to tell JWOWW he saw Mayor Roger? He loves being an information trafficker.  
  • What was that weird gyrating dance Mike was doing at the end when he was talking to Unit?  Hmmmmmmmm.

  • Wait, how is it that Mike loves Snooki and they're BFF and all of a sudden he says she's the ringleader against him?  Oh, I think I know - MTV Production had a chat with him.  I see what you did there MTV.
  • In conclusion, who saw Snooki and JWOWW on BravoAndy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live?  Was JWOWW's face even more plasticized?  It wasn't moving right or something.  But I really want to like her - she's pretty, she just needs to stop messing with what she got, ya heard?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Kathy Griffin Calls Out Madonna For Stealing Her "Look"

Seems like everyone's slamming Madonna for one reason or another these days!

Oy Vay It's Jersey Shore Jersday!

That's all for now, k bye.

The Best Part Of "Are You There, Chelsea?" - Lauren Lapkus

Lauren Lapkus in NBC's "Are You There, Chelsea?"
Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking... an actual article about "Are You There, Chelsea?" that ISN'T bashing the freshman sitcom? 

Well, sure the show has it's, um, issues like Laura Prepon's (whom I liked in That 70s Show) inability to deliver lines without an invisible mouth full of marbles... (which, in her defense, is getting better every week)  but that's not the point, there's a GAJILLIION of THOSE articles you can look up anywhere.  The point here is to let you know that I - a self-identified sitcom-phile actually halfway LIKE the show - for one reason and one reason alone: Lauren Lapkus (well okay, maybe 1.5 reasons - Natasha Legerro's character is also shaping up to be pretty interesting).  

Who is Lauren you ask?  
Lauren is a 20-something actress and comedienne who cut her comedy teeth in the improv world. In the show, she plays Dee Dee, the lovable, prudish roommate of Chelsea and some other chick.  Lauren's unique appearance and wacky humor make her a true stand out in today's cookie cutter Hollywood.  
Kudos to the AYTC team for featuring DeeDee more in each subsequent episode.  Maybe they realize who the real star is - kind of like they did with Sheldon in "The Big Bang Theory."  
Here's an idea, can we just give Dee Dee her own spin off now? 

Regardless of the fate of the show, I'm betting that Lauren has a bright future ahead.   

Here's Lauren doing a comedic improv skit several years ago.  

Cleaning With Natural Ingredients Is No Longer Too Hippie For The Masses

Look, I've never been a crunchy, "granola" type of gal.  But the realities of today's world are too loud to ignore.  We're bombarded with chemicals on a daily basis - sometimes by choice, sometimes as a byproduct of living in a city - and the effects on human health are a major concern to me.  While I am not a scientist or medical expert, I have done a lot of research on the topic and have drawn my own conclusions.  I encourage everyone to do the same - because the problem will likely only get bigger over time.  

On that note, I used to have at least 20 different specialized cleaners for my home - from surface and wood cleaners to cookware and silver cleaners to toilet bowl cleaners and beyond!  The amounts and types of chemicals in these cleaners are many times hidden from consumers for proprietary reasons.   

 But there's good news, natural household items we already have in the home can double as cleaning agents.  These include: 
  • baking soda, 
  • vinegar, 
  • lemons, 
  • essential oils, 
  • vodka (a natural disinfectant),
  • olive oil

Various mixtures can be concocted depending on the task at hand. Why not begin experimenting to see what suits your needs best?  If it seems a bit too confusing, do some simple online research for ratios of ingredients depending on the type of cleaning.  

An added benefit  is that it also saves money and clears shelf space!  Good luck and more tips welcome!

Happy cleaning!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Courteney Cox Joins Twitter - Gives Good Pic

Courteney Cox - one half of the maturest divorcing couple ever - very recently joined Twitter.  Girlfriend has been chatting away with her fans and sharing pics of the last few days on the Cougar Town set ever since.  Apparently the show just wrapped for the season, and she enjoyed her first day off with daughter Coco at Pinkberry.  Yum!
Image Source: Courteney Cox's Twitter (@CourteneyCox)

Cute Pug Honorably Defends Pizza

Hey... this is exactly how I feel when I get near pizza too! Watch as this adorable pug stands guard over two boxes of pizza.  

Obsessed With: Nikki Finke

Who is she?
A veteran journalist, Nikki created her own blog, Deadline Hollywood Daily (a Hollywood insider trade) several years ago.  She made a name for herself with her amazing scoops.  Particularly during the writer's strike.  Nikki's appeal is that she scares a lot of Hollywood execs.  According to Wikipedia:

Finke has been called the "most feared, despised, and uncompromising journalist in Hollywood."

Nikki has since sold her blog for millions but is still the boss lady Editor In Chief.  

Why do you like her so much?
She's a lady who turned her blog into a force. Plus, she's a HBIC, duh.  Oh yeah, and from what I understand, not a lot of people have actually seen her.  If that means she's an agoraphobic, how much more awesome can she be?  This lady's life is an Oscar worthy movie waiting to happen.

Anything else?
Well, it's hard to tell, there's not much out there about Nikki.  I don't think Gawker likes her because they've written some unflattering articles about her in the past.  Kinda makes me like her more.  And the mystery of her is simply delicious. 

How To Get School Kids To Eat Veggies? A Pic Is Worth A 1000 Words

Ah, the school cafeteria.  So much went on there - note passing, love triangles, bullying, rueing.  Oh yea, and a whole lot of eating.  Man I miss the greasy pizza, sides of ranch and cookies from my old stomping grounds.  School lunches are a big time hot button issue these days.  After all, the new math is that pizza sauce is a vegetable right?

But let's steer our focus away from the bad for a second.  Turns out, researchers may be onto a new way to tempt students to eat their veggies.  And guess what?  It's a page ripped right out of fast food and sugar cereal companies alike.  It's called ADVERTISING.  Who'da thunk it?

According to a newly published article in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association), in a recent study - school children chose and ate more vegetables when a school posted pictures of said vegetables around the cafeteria.  How much more?   The number of students who chose green beans on the "picture day"  more than doubled and the amount of students who chose carrots more than tripled.  That's some hope right?  Now if only the big advertising companies could get involved in creating polished campaigns with professional food shots....... 

Is Jenelle From Teen Mom 2 Bipolar?

Image Source: Jenelle Evans' Twitter 
For the past two seasons of Teen Mom 2, we've all been witness to Jenelle Evans' unstable behavior:  the fights with her mom (it's hard to determine where one's fault ends and the other's begins), her boyfriend, her best friend/temporary roommate.  Many times, Jenelle appears to act impulsively as well as exhibit rage.

Could it be that Jenelle is bipolar?  Far be it from me to diagnose anyone - but it looks like Jenelle hereself exposed the news on her Twitter last week in response to an insensitive remark from a viewer:

The good news is, looks like Jenelle is currently well on her way to leading a more stable life, with the help of treatment:

It's great to see a light at the end of the tunnel for Jenelle, and we hope it only gets better for her and all the other teen moms out there. 

Midnight Break Presents: Chris Cornell Singing Billy Jean