Monday, January 31, 2011

Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale: Um, Couple Things

All season long, every time I see Peter (Cynthia's man), I have this nagging feeling like he looks like someone but I just couldn't put my stinger on it.  So then I'm sittin' there watching the wedding scene and it hit me like a ton of Suzuki motorcycles. He looks like a grown DMX (rapper from the 90s).  AmIRite or AmIRite??? Sorry I don't have the energy to do a side by side comparison.  Please use your imagination or do a Google Images search.

Raugh Raugh

Wonder if Cynthia was mad that Princess Derek J stole her thunder at the wedding with that smart Virgina Slims pantsuit he had going on.  We see what you did there Miss J.

Time to watch some Kim n Kroy WWHL...

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