Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Jersey Shore Predictions Coming True

So in our 1/6 post (Did Sam and Ron Just Break Up For the Millionth Time), we told you that JWOWW looked like she had her lips done, well - on tonight's Jersey Shore After Show, it appeared to be we may have been onto something there.

In our 1/13 post (Jersey Shore Fringe Characters, Where Are They Now), we predicted that Pauly's Israeli stalker would likely make an appearance this season, and that came true earlier this week in the bonus Monday 1/17 episode.

In that same post, we also predicted that Ryder would come by this season.  That also looks promising given that in tonight's (1/20) episode, Snooki was shown talking to Ryder on the phone discussing a visit.

Wondering if Jay 420 and Joey Yanks will also be shown, as we predicted.  We feel like that one may be on shaky ground given some of Jay 420's tweets about MTV not approving of his lifestyle.  Hmmmmmm.

PATsy Nation is on point!

We're still recovering from this phenomenal night of TV - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Watch What Happens Live, Jersey Shore AND Jersey Shore After Show.  HEAVEN!

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