Thursday, January 13, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Details Leaked By Wendy Williams

So, I'm flipping channels and stumble upon my girl Wendy "How you doin?" Williams (P.S. somewhere Joey Tribbiani just gave the side eye) - anyways,she was in the middle of Hawt Tawpics and begins dropping some gossip on the RHOBH reunion that was recently filmed. 

Wendy says the reunion is going to be extra juicy (meanwhile, how does she know this and how can I be down?)  and here are the alleged deets:
  • Don't expect Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer to patch things up
  • Kyle called Camille crazy and criticized her for dissing her friend Faye Resnick
  • Camille let Kyle have it calling her delusional and irrational
  • Kyle's and Kim Richards start fighting at the reunion
  • We learn that Lisa has kicked her house guest Cedric out
  • In the meantime Cedric is allegedly walking around Hollywood blasting Lisa and her husband and their lifestyle
  • In the end, everyone ends up in tears except for Camille
Okay, some of this doesn't surporse me but are you kidding that everyone BUT Camille ends up in tears? In my mind I imagined Camille on one couch and all the other gals across just letting her have it!!!! 

And what about this Cedric revelation? Oy, I can't wait for this all to go down.  Not sure when it airs because we still have a couple episodes to get through.

Update: Looks like we tracked down the possible source, Ted Casablanca's EOnline column

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