Friday, November 15, 2013


The video for the song "Cookie Dance" by Chip Chocolate just recently dropped. What's the Cookie Dance? I mean, if you're like me, it's the happy happy joy joy thing that goes on in your head when a cookie presents itself in your vicinity. But it's also the the newest YouTube sensation you should check out ASAP so you could say you knew about it before your friends.

Here is the video:

Are you in with Chip Chocolate? A little more on him, he's the rap alter ego of Jesse Welle, one half of the wildly popular YouTube channel Prank vs. Prank (or as their fans call it, PVP SAAAANNNNNN!) that follows the duo of Jesse and Jeana, who are also BF/GF (they fittingly have another popular channel of vlogs entitled, BF vs. GF).

So don't say I never did anything for you. P.S. I was like the 5,245th person to click on the Gangnam Style video, so I am absolutely, certifiably credible when it comes to this stuff. P.P.S. that number was made up but trust me anyway, I'm a profesh.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jimmy Iovine's Party for Liberty Bell's Birthday (No Peasants Allowed)

Okay, so since our post about that Kim/Kanye/Opray/Diddy pic, we've gleaned more info about the super exclusive affair that brought them all together.

The party was thrown by Jimmy Iovine (who was also pictured) for his girlfriend Liberty Ross. I know, you're all "Liberty Ross? I've heard that name..." Yep, the same Liberty Ross who was married to that director dude who cheated on her with Kristen Stewart (both Liberty and Kristen were stars in said dude's film, Snow White and the Huntsman). But, Liberty has since kicked director dude to the curb and linked up with Jimmy Iovine, who, by the way is chairman of Interscope Records and a longtime music industry legend.

So, aside from the billionaire couch, what else happened at the soop exclu affair?

Not much just:

- East Coast and West Coast mega-don rapper entrepreneur execs P. Diddy and Dr. Dre (!!!) chillin' together:

source:  XZIBIT's Instagram
- And one Mr. R Kelly doing an impromptu take of the mic and performing classics like My Body's Calling For You  and Bump and Grind and Ignition

Source: DJ Eque's Instagram
- A bunch of other big names were there too including Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler (Oprah 'grammed a pic of Gayle dancing with Mick). 

Oh nothing... Just Oprah, Diddy, Kanye and Blonde Kim [AKA MY NEW RAP SINGLE 'SO MUCH MONEY ON THE COUCH']

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian's Instagram.

So many important questions: Who is the standing dude? Why is Diddy's hand on Oprah like that (you don't OWN her Sean!)? Kanye has smiling muscles? Who made that be-studded couch? Where are they? 

UPDATE: According to Oprah's Instagram, it's at music producer Jimmy Iovine's party because Oprah posted a couch pic too! MINUS KIM! Dis or just a different shot?

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills [WORKING TITLE] -- New E! Reality Show -- Casting Rumor

Just dusted off an unfinished post from August, still newsworthy so here goes...

So Deadline Hollywood reported in August that the E! Network, together with iTV America, is developing a new reality show (informally?) based on the popular blog "Rich Kids of Instagram" which features opulent images from the Instagram accounts of wealthy, jetsetting teen and twenty somethings. 

Before you eyeroll me into "that's yesterday's news" oblivion, I have a (maybe) update! So far, no reports include anything about who is cast in the new reality show.  But if you PAYATTENTIONTO (see what I did there?) the chatter and you got your ear to the street, things come together.

I think I may have cracked the code on two of the cast members: Dorothy Wang, daughter of a Chinese business magnate and Morgan Stewart, daughter of a successful architect.

So, where did the info come from? A quick stroll to Dorothy's Twitter account reveals the goods:

At the beginning of this post is a telling photo from Dorothy's Instagram of Dorothy and Morgan in front of a green screen in typical reality show "confessional" fashion. 

Here's another from her account featuring cameramen and Dorothy and Morgan in the background captioned: "Excuse me- SORRY #personality coming through" ...

Will it be any good? Who knows. We'll have to see when it comes out (whenever that will be)...

Wendy Williams Real Hair !!!! ???

Girl! Girl! Girl! In a nonchalant move not yet noticed by many, talk show DIVA Wendy Williams casually revealed what appears to be her real hair! This morning a post appeared on Instagram with the caption: "Natural mom making breakfast for sleepover boys! How do u dress?"

Now, while Wendy has 1 million+ Twitter followers, she only has <100k Instagram followers at the time of this post -- but with posts like these, we predict that number will grow fast! How long will it take for this to go viral? Let's see... 3, 2 1....

Lookin' beautiful as ever and keepin' it real! Go Wendy! Go Wendy!

UPDATE: The image was taken down from Wendy's official Instagram soon after it was posted, so this is now the exclusive-(ish?) place to see a recent pic of her gorgeous natural head. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Have You Watched CANDIDLY NICOLE? Werq It Ms. Richie.

And you're all like... heh? 

Candidly Nicole is actually this little web series on AOL which sounds like a joke because it's not 1997 and CD-ROMS are now ironic coasters that used to have purpose and meaning in this crazy mixed up world like NY Seltzer, Mark Harmon, Teddy Ruxpins and Bonkers. 

But back to Nicole Richie who is just love and silliness and a conundrum of proportions (I mean really, how could you be 5'1" and that long and lanky at the same time?) all mixed up into one. In the series, Nicole kind of just seemingly goes where the wind blows her. In one episode she's hanging with RuPaul to get tips on fierceness, in another she's with her dad and little sister (who, P.S., is seriously looking like a future trendsetter in her own right) goofing off in the garden. 

Here she is in the first episode pondering the removal of her "tramp stamp:"

The real centerpiece here has nothing to do with the setting or the topic, it's Nicole's larger than life personality. We already knew, from that reality show with Paris back in the day, that Nicole is humorous and has no filter, but girlfriend has blossomed in the years she's been away from the reality circuit. She is a legit comedienne who can mix well with any subject and bring light and laughter into any room. Each episode is only five minutes-ish, but hopefully this will lead to bigger and better for her because I could seriously watch Nicole all day long. 


Monday, August 06, 2012

Watching The Mars Rover Thingy - So Far Favorite Part Is Fauxhawk Dude

So, I'm sittin' here bored on a Sunday night, and decided to check out this WALL-E landing on Mars (AKA Mars Curiosity AKA Mars Rover) coverage stuff - to tab to every now and then as I watch the NEVERENDING EXCITEMENT OF THE CORGI CAM. Okay, nothing blog worthy...

But then - I check out the Live Stream.   Okay, just some NASA lookin' dudes in a Mission Control setting,nothin' much to see here yet... BUT HEY!!! WHOA! who's the FauxHawk dude? With stars shaved into the side of his head no less!?

So many questions!

How did he get NASA to hire him? Or did he have normal hair before? And then, knowing he'd be front and center tonight decide to shave it up so he could stand out in the broadcast and become a Trending Twitter topic? Was there a big FauxHawk controversy before they went live? Did they threaten to take him out of the shot?

Or maybe, just maybe, NASA decided to hire some Hollywood agency to hip up their image - and this was what they came up with?