Monday, January 10, 2011

THANK YOU - Now What Would YOU Like Us To Write About?

Oh hai thaire!!!!!!!  photo via

We here at PAT want to thank you for all of your support - our traffic is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to all the love from each and every one of you. 

There's tons of room to expand our focus and we want to make sure you're getting everything YOU want!!

Please drop us a line (via email at and let us know what types of subject-matter you'd like us to focus on in future posts. 

In fact, we can promise you that if you leave a (legitimate) comment this week, you will receive a personal response from us.  We hope to spark a back and forth dialogue and can't wait to hear more about who exactly our readership is!

Ugh sorry for all this bland customer service speak.  Here's something to enjoy because it will never get old as far as we're concerned: (soon-to-be) Incarcerated Snooki will see you out. 

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