Monday, January 17, 2011

Seth Rogen disses Adrienne Maloof?

So Seth Rogen was on The Ellen Degeneres Show today regaling Ellen with his awe inspiring stories (insert sarcasm here) when he got to an interesting tidbit that caught our attention.  Seth was telling Ellen that he watches a lot of reality TV including all the Housewives shows, and that he met one of them at the recent Green Hornet premiere.  When Ellen asked "which one?" Seth said "the one with all the plastic surgery on her face."  Everyone had a good chuckle and that was that.

BUT - synapses started firing here at PATsy Central and we remembered something.  A photo Adrienne Maloof twatted out last week:

@AdrienneMaloof: With Seth Rogan at the Green Hornet party. No the flash isn't broken, it really is that green in here! 

Mmmm hmmmm, we see what you did there Seth.  We take it you won't be staying at the Palms Casino anytime soon?

For the record, we think Adrienne is fierce and gorgeous.

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