Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Best of "Under the Radar" Posts

We here at Pay Attention To are exteremely grateful for our growing readership.  Back in the day, when all we had was a half dying laptop and a dream (but no audience), we wrote a few posts that were quickly buried by the new before the teeming masses discovered us. These are some of our favoirtes. 

  • Ah, remember when you had your first bed bug freak out? You know they're out they're and they're going to get all of us.  Here's a post we farted out during one such hysterical breakdown.  Bedbug-ocalpyse Now.
  • Office lingo gets to the best of us.  One night home after another brutal and seemingly useless day in the office we rocked ourselves back and forth in the corner chanting gibberish while barfing out this gem - Office Buzzwords Exposed. Then a quick tea party with our cats and it was lights out. 
  • Us PATsies (coined that just now.  If you read this site, you are officially knighted as a PATsy, please join us in this journey of fuckery. But I digress, back to regularly scheduled programming.  Just kidding, I can't get over this obession with parentheses. OK now, GAK!! Remember Cathy? I miss that cartoon. OK, OK now for real, this parenthe-rant is officially over) get a real kick out of The View. We live for their dysfunction.  Take a gander at what we had to say about the cold war brewing between Whoopi and Barbara.
  • Back in the day, when we had higher hopes for serious journalism, we pondered long and hard on the state of Detroit. It's crazy to think about how a once sprawling big city turns into a virtual ghost town in such a short time.  Almost spooky.  Detroit Rock (Bottom) City.  And now back to Jimmy for the weather.
  • The song F*ck You (or Forget You for the unsalted)  by Cee-Lo Green is one we will shake our money makers to for the rest of our lives.  One a particularly obsessed night, as the song played on loop, we took a quick break from dancing around with our fancy cats (in tuxedos of course) to do some YouTube dumpster diving for the best covers of the song.  They still hold up pretty well.  Check them out - do you agree with our picks? We don't really care if you do, but our marketing department keeps nagging us to"engage" with our audience. Will this shut you up Larry???? P.S. there's no Larry - that's just the nickname of one of our cats when he's in a tie.  

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