Thursday, November 18, 2010

The View: the Cold War Continues (AKA More Passive Aggressive Feuding With Barbara)

I am a religious "viewer" of The View -  it's like the highlight of my day.  Not because I particularly like any of the ladies, (though I do agree with one or two of them on the reg).  The main reason I love the show is because you never know when baby Jesus will descend from the heavens and hand over a certified loonza toonza miracle moment.  Now it used to be that these moments happened maybe once a month.  But these days, it's like once, sometimes twice a week.  Basically whenever Barbara decides to show up.  

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with today's gem.


(For the impatient, skip to :28). In a shell nut, Barbara and Whoopi go at it as Whoopi tries to obey production instructions (via ear chip) to cut to break.  Barbara snaps at Whoop that she wants to finish her thought.  Now, you can't tell what happens next but it appear that Whoopi may have rolled her eyes at Barbara before telling her she needs to cut to break.  Then Barbara (don't let the victim act fool you!!!!),  passive aggressively chastises Whoopi and proceeds with her part.

I'm so sad because the clip doesn't show the last few seconds.  Because that's when the lord baby Jesus plucked a cherry and stuck it on top for me to gorge upon.  Elisabeth (mind you, who has been uncharacteristically quiet the entire episode - I presume because of my theory *see #3 below*) subtly speaks to Whoopi with her eyes.  It's not immediately apparent to the untrained rookie (good thing you have the benefit of my intuitive guidance) but they have a "damn, this bitch is crazy" moment among themseleves.  I live for this shit - don't we all? No? Just me? Be right back, I'm being summoned for my intervention.

Some background for people who actually don't watch The View (do they still make you??):
  1. Barbara Walters' overbearing ways, crotchity attitude and condescending behavior have reached all new highs (in fact, the show is much easier/less tense to watch on days Barbara isn't there and you can tell all the other ladies feel the same way). 
  2. Everyday it becomse more clear that Whoopi does not like Barbara. She used to keep her cool - but she grew a pair lately and has been lashing out in small but deliberate acts (that she'll usually back-pedal on a minute later).  
  3. Though nobody likes Elisabeth (okay well I don't) Barbara condescends her more often than anyone else.  To the watchful eye, it seems apparent that Elisabeth has had a recent "talking to" because she has toned down her "steamrolling others" and Beck/Palin/Fox mumbo jumbo.
By the way, this is what my face looked like when this shit was going down:

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