Monday, December 06, 2010

Vintage Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Down To Earth)

Since they repeatedly beat us over the head with all their credits in episode 1, we can't help but know that Kim and Kyle Richards (of Real Houswives of Beverly Hills and Paris Hilton's aunts fame) were child actresses.

With all the Disney work older sis Kim pulled back in the day, we are supposed to be impressed that she was the more legit of the two.  Well Kim, hope you enjoyed the felling, cause those days are over.  Now we can marvel at the unparalleled thespian displays of one Miss Kyle - you know, the one we actually care about in present day.

Before the Bravo Channel was even a glimmer in cable TV's eye, and Andy Cohen was still frolicking through the meadows of Mizzourah, there was a station called Superstation WTBS (now TBS).  Superstation was a treasure trove of the best cheesy sitcoms you've never heard of.  Remember Small Wonder, Madame and Out of This World? Well now set your standards way lower and imagine Z list knockoffs of those classy network programs with some added Velveeta for good measure. 

Kyle had a "starring" role in a bizarre basic cable TV sitcom - Down to Earth - about a dead 20s flapper who comes back as a ghost to haunt a family and teach them life lessons! I wish this was a joke! Wait, no I don't! This is awesome!

After some Youtube dumpster diving, clips of the show have been unearthed for your gawking pleasure.

Here's the opening of the show (for the TL;DRs who just want to get to the good stuff, Kyle shows up after :53)

Also, here's a Superstation WTBS promo that has some Kyle clips from Down to Earth  (don't be frightened by Hulk Hogan in the beginning skip to :32 for Kyle and her luxurious hair. Sidenote: I'm starting to think that's the only hairstyle she's ever had):

 How did this show not win an Emmy?????

Maybe we can start a campaign for a Kyle Richards Television Arts & Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award...

Oh and P.S., the Demi Moore resemblance is now officially undeniable amirite?

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    she really neede to pluck her eye brows!!!! yikes