Friday, December 03, 2010

Wake Up Ass-Facebook: Changing Your Profile Picture Does Not Stop Child Abuse

Since we're already on the subject of assFacebook, I got another bone to pick.

I abhor child abuse just as much as any sane person - but I'm sorry, how exactly is changing your profile picture to your favorite childhood character going to do a damn thing? 

Can somebody please explain this fuckery to me?  It's the ultimate in frivolous displays of philanthropy. 

Like, gee I wouldn't really get off my keester to help this cause in a meaningful way, but I guess that changing my profile pic is easy enough. Plus I used to LOVE cartoons when I was little. I am gonna have so much fun on Google images right now!! AND it's all for a good cause so I feel much better.   Thanks to my five minutes of clicking, so many children will be spared from abuse!!!!!!!!

You are welcome future generations!!
I wanna be the Snorks HA HA HA,
I'm so clever I bet everyone forgot about them.....

I wanna be Fraggle Rock LSHMSFO
(for the uninitiated:  laughing so hard my sombrero fell off)


Ohhhh, I wanna be Strawberry Shortcake, remember scratch n'sniff stickers?  I used to have one of her it was soooooooo good!!!! What were we talking about????

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