Friday, December 03, 2010

Tweet Patrol: Second String Kardashian Bests Palin by a Landslide

When you're having a bad day, here's something to make you smile (well, at least a littler more than half of you):

Rob Kardashian (younger brother to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe) has 270% more Twitter followers than Sarah Palin.

Kinda puts things in perspective no?  I mean really - who IS Rob Kardashian? 
  • He gets like 3 seconds of screen time per episode of a basic cable reality show
  • He never does (AKA is not invited to) press tours with his "famous" sisters
  • He dated a Cheetah Girl (oh what's a Cheetah Girl you ask? just a long forgotten Disney Channel movie wherein the real star was Raven Simone and the rest of the girls were kinda just shadows in the background) 
  • And oh yeah he has a widow's peak that puts Dracula to shame.  Welp, that's pretty much it.   
Perhaps the Tea Party following is not as massive as we thought?

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