Friday, December 17, 2010

Launch of Official Cannon King (son of Larry King) Fan Club - I'm President Bitches (first!!)

Starting an official fan club for Cannon King, youngest son of Larry King.  Where's he been all our lives? 

If you missed it, Cannon did some hilarious "spot-on" impressions of his dad on the Larry King Live farewell show last night. This little goldmine is the Chuy to Larry's Chelsea.  If Larry brought him out a little sooner, this "retirement," may not be happening.  

And I bet Bill Clinton  loves him too, if it weren't for little Cannon, the "zipper club" gaffe would be making all the headlines today instead of this adorable clip.  Ugh, why me? My lo-tech ass I can't get the dang video to embed, so hop on over to Jezebel to watch

To close out this post, here's a photo of Cannon juding you in his Ed Hardy t-shirt.

Photo via

About the shirt, what's your theory?

a) Cannon is a fan of Jersey shore
b) Cannon is a hipster ahead of his time, understands the fun of ironic t-shirt displays
c) the King family still thinks Ed Hardy is cool
d)  Cannon was cold that day and Larry grabbed an event gift bag throwaway from the trunk of the car

My money is on C.  Think I've seen some shots of Larry sportin' the EH round town.

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