Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What's Going On Over at CBS' "The Talk" ??????

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Ok - back to the issue at hand.  Is there more dramz going on at The Talk????

 The Twalk

First of ollll (read that in a Jersey accent), before I get deeper into this - some full disclosure.  I have absolutely fallen in love with The Talk in recent months.

I really wanted to hate it at first.  When it first came out as the new kid in town, I was all - "How lame, I will NEVER watch that rip off - I'm loyal to the dysfunctional hens at The View and I have no more room in my heart for this drivel."

Cut to 6 months later - when I don't even watch The View anymore and the entire world stops for my quality time with Chen bot and the ladies.  Converting to The Talk is  kind of like leaving a bad marriage you were overly loyal to and tried to save, and then you start a new HEALTHY relationship and you're all "oh my gosh, I didn't know this was how it's supposed to be.  I mean, he calls me just to say hi, and chooses a night in with me over clubbing with his friends.  WOW."

And we can't NOT mention our girl crush on Leah Remini. I mean, we've always loved her in KOQ (King of Queens - keep up!!!!) and even cut our bangs whenever she did on the show, but this new love is on another level.  I mean is she not the cutest feistiest little thing in the world?  Like, she's a puppy but a vicious honey badger all rolled into one and you CANNOT NOT hang on to every word she says.  

But  I digress.  Now we there may be dramz...... ???? We've always heard whispers that some of the ladies don't get along with one another - but they mask it really well so it was hard to decipher the real story, but HRP (Holly Robinson Peete) was always mentioned.

Anyhoo - as you probably know, Sharon Osbourne has already announced that she will be taking "a break" from the show to spend time with her family or get a boob job or something like that.  But most recently HRP went on record saying that she has no idea whether she'll be back for the new season because they haven't picked up her option and she's kind of in the dark right now.

What is going on?????? We need to know the real story.  We know Leah and Holly have become friends in real life so it can't be due to a rift between them.  And we suspect that Sharon and Holly were never one another's biggest fans based on how they interact on the show.  But that's all we got.   What do you guys think????????? We're dying to know more. 

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