Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Work Twice As Hard To Get Half As Much

Oh hai there my little children (imagine me in sunglasses smugly looking down at you ever so slightly) - just in case you were wondering, our website is now a legit contender.  We never thought we'd reach these traffic levels, and wow the fan mail is Ahhh-MAYYYY-zingggg.  Please keep the compliments coming because we're not sure our fragile ego will ever be able to take not getting fan mail ever again. 

Anyway, we want you to EMAIL us some of your questions - about ANYTHING - us, current events, your mom, and if they're good, we'll do a whole post answering them.

Get started now, send your email to PAYATTENTIONTOBLOG@GMAIL.COM.  We're waiting, like no, literally, we're sitting with our GMAIL open and hitting "Refresh" ever ten seconds.

Please, send them now!!! GO, GO GO!!!!!

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