Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some Questions About Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Ashlee Holmes Laurita's baggy beret
  • When Caroline is talking to Jacquline about inviting Kathy Wakile to her New Years Eve party, she says she "has to" because they are close with Albert.  Um, excuse me, did Kathy and her husband Richard not just meet with Albert for the first time a few episodes ago to seek his advice about buying a resrestaurant? Why would he care if they come to his party or not?  Caroline, just speak the truth and say THE PRODUCERS ARE MAKING ME INVITE THEM.  There, feel better now?
  • How come I liked Teresa more before her family joined the cast?  I think she was better at masking the crazy before, but all the "realness" is coming out now that the dirty laundry is being aired.  AWKWARRRRD.  
  • Why am I all of a sudden interested in reading Ashley Holmes' Twitter feed? Oh yeah, because she has NO FILTER!  Here's a few (alleged) nuggets gleaned from her updates: 
    • she is not living in NJ anymore, now staying with her dad in Dallas - wonder why?  Was she kicked out?  Or was she just "so ova" her "mean mama?"
    • She will soon be moving to Los Angeles, but she won't say why yet
    • She is "TEAM GORGA" - no explanation yet given, perhaps we'll see it play out in a future episode.
  • Why is Joe Gorga now my favorite person in the history of Bravo Reality TV? No, seriously, I need answers on this one.
  • Why can't I get "On display... on display... on display" out of my head even though I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE SONG?????
There, thanks for letting me vent.  And if you have answers, please divulge!!!!

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