Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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So I'm just sitting here bored watching Flipping Out -  a comfortable old friend and one of the first shows that sucked me into BRAVO-Land.  Here is some totally unstructured commentary (cause I'm lazy, natch):

Question:  If Zoila is the maid, what exactly does Jett do as the "House Assistant?"  I mean, Jeff Lewis' house is like, what, three bedrooms at most??? Why would it take two full time workers to upkeep an already fixed up house?

Okay,  this whole housekeeper is on a break, and replacement housekeeper is better is LITERALLY ripped from an episode of Two and a Half Men.  So is this what it's come to now?  We're stealing storylines from SITCOMS???? WOW.

Why doesn't Chaz understand where Jeff's coming from?  HELLO, how can you meet a deadline when you need the approval of someone who is NEVER there on every teensy detail?  This reminds me of the time I worked at a certain fast food establishment at the tender age of 28 16, and the almighty "Assistant Manger" had to approve the crispiness of each hash brown before I could serve them.  So, maybe I had a history of leaving them raw, I was in a hurry okay - that was a HIGH PRESSURE JOB. Like, get off me and let me live!!!

P.S. How good does Zoila look after her face lift? And how much do we love Gage?  And how much did we hate that lady who was mean to Jenny last week? Ugh, she was terrible.

Commercial time, I'll continue to update as the show goes on.  

P.P.S. I don't know why the spacing is messed up on this post, but I don't know how to fix it.

Not a fan of the glass tile for Chaz's salon that has been a storyline for what, like 3 episodes now?  Jeff, I thought you were an expert at this stuff? Git'er done!

Ok, this whole Trace thing is weird.  AmIRite? I get the whole control issue of requesting to be CC'd on emails.  Trace's whole aura screams shady, so Jeff Lewis HAS to keep the reigns tight.  Hello, that's like "Control Issues 101" and I have a PHd, so trust me, I'm an expert.

Eww, how grossed out are we by the Rocco's Dinner Party commercial where he finds a hair in his food????? BARF BARF BARF.

Ok, we have a little more clarity now in Jett's role.  He's a shoe shiner slash light bulb scientist.  Mystery solved!!!

Ohhhhhhhhh, Trace, you in danger girl.  Designing your closet on Jeff Lewis' watch? EEEEEEEEE, gotta make some popcorn before the showdown twixt them. 

I love the "Impromptu Review" warning.  <<bites nails>>.  I also  love how when Jeff's mad, right before he unleashes, he leads with the positive - I always brag about you and how great you are blah blah blah.


P.P.P.S, why is Gage present for all of the firings?  I think he's the real brains behind the whole operation.  Is it just me or did he just give a "dance puppet dance" look to Jeff as he fired Trace.  I think Gage set the whole thing up because he's jealous of the hot young guy in the office. Well, at least, that's what I would have done if I were him.

Okay, so I just tracked down Trace's Twitter account and SIDE NOTE: he has more Twitter followers than our beloved Chet Haze!!!! How is it possible that a fourth string character on a mediocre (sorry Jeff, love ya) reality show has more love than the son of a MEGA LEGEND ACTOR who is taking the rap world BY STORM?????? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Meanwhile, I'm getting sick of this post so I'll stop here.  Meh.

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