Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Snooki/Situation Situation - MYSTERY SOLVED

In the most recent episode of Jersey Shore, we see that accusations are flying left and right between Snooki and Situation.

He says they were "together" while she was with Jionni (her boyfriend).  She VEHEMENTLY denies it all and says he's lying about everything.  Neither is budging, and it's hard to decipher who is telling the truth.  Each has a motive to lie:
  • Snooks loves her boyfriend and will lose a relationship if it comes out that she cheated
  • Situation has status to gain via a (fabricated or real) Snooki  love storyline since her star status is head and shoulders above all the other Jersey Shore stars
So which is it? Who is lying?  Well, there's a "tell" in the episode that swings the favor into Situation's court.  So what's the tell?  Believe it or not, it lies with the very person who was attempting to protect Snooki - JWOWW.

When Ronnie brings up the rumor, JWOWW's face reveals that she immediately recognizes the story as if she already has prior knowledge of an incident between Mike and Snooki. She then goes to tell Snooki and says something to the effect of  (paraphrasing) "Mike told everyone what happened between the two of you" - MEANING SOMETHING DID HAPPEN.  AND SNOOKI REACTED IMMEDIATELY - instead of saying "what happened between me and Mike?" she started flipping out right away. Innocents don't react like that, dontcha think?

So there, problem solved. YOU'RE WELCOME.


  1. julia4:56 PM

    We all agree here in Belize our beloved snookie had drunk sex with mike and made him pinkie swear never ever to tell... Jionni won't leave. She is his meatball meal ticket. were huge fans of Deena and her quotes ! " Sometimes when you get drunk you kiss girls" Classic yet so true..this is far the best season.

  2. watch the after show

    and all this will be explained and then try again... just sayin

  3. Anonymous6:47 PM

    even if she did cheat, she doesn't want to be with him!!!!! the only reason situation is bringing it up over and over again is because he wants the media attention since Snooki is the most popular on the show! If you watch the Regis and Kelly interview w/ Snooki, pauly, and mike after the first season; mike said "Who?" when Regis asked if he hooked up with Snooki. HA! And now that Snooki is the most popular he "wants" to be with her? What a scumbag. No one cares about you Mike, go away! ugh