Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Way To My Heart: Kris Jenner Edition

Okay - so my love for Kris Jenner has been growing steadily. 

Not just because she's the absolute butt of every eye roll, joke and lesson on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but because no other genius across this crazy world could have created such a masterpiece as the Kris Jenner Turns 30 video"I Love My Friends" (circa 1980s) (click here to see it, can't embed).  Sorry in advance for the fact that you won't EVER be able to get the lyric "Bible Study...Cheesecake Factory...." out of your heads. 

Okay, but now there's an even BIGGER reason to be down with the Jenner.  She is coming out with a MEMOIR.  That's right folks - it's time for Kris to finally shine!  She released this image of  the cover today on her blog.

Notice how she slipped in the Kardashian "brand" in there to make sure it receives maximum benefit?  Ever the genius marketer, Kris has marketed herself right into our cold little hearts.  We love it!

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