Sunday, August 21, 2011

Few Pics From Inside Kim Kardashian's Wedding

Unless you've been living under 10 rocks, (because if you were living under one, you'd still have heard) you know that Kim Kardashian got married to some dude yesterday.

All was super paparazzi proof complete with tents and all -  so that all the shots and footage were protected for the magazine exclusives and E! special.  TMZ was all proud to get a fuzzy shot of Kim and Bruce Jenner walking through a tent which showed not much but IT WAS SOMETHING.

We haven't yet seen the decor etc.. inside UNTIL NOW.  Jillian Barberie Reynolds (local Los Angeles morning news personality and wedding guest) tweeted some shots of the inside in real time.  Check out the shots:

Jillian (@AskJillian) tweets "Oops. Snuck one in"

Ok, it may not seem like much, but let's walk through this carefully.  Next to Jillian's hand is what looks like some sort of program - meh.  But notice the table runner - doesn't it remind you of the decor in Mama Kris' house? Silverware and crystals are nice - not gaudy - understated and classy rather.  Loving the flowers and chandeliers.  Anyone notice anything else worth mentioning?

In a second image, Jillian tweeted "Oh snap!!!!! Another one!!!!"

This one is way more fuzzy - but shows more classic decor and beautiful flowers.  Shame we can't make out the identity of any of the guests in the shot. It's said that Kim asked her guests to only wear black or white.  Looks like most of the guests (at least in this pic) chose to wear black.  I think I would too - don't think I'd feel right wearing white to a wedding.  Even if the bride OK'd it.

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