Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jersey Shore's Sammi and Ronnie Looked Very Together Leaving Seaside (Season 3). So Was MTV Lying To Us?


Store this one in the "shaking my head" file.  The - dare I say it - underwhelming Jersey Shore finale left me more confused than usual. Sure the story lines were all tied up in a pretty bow - JWOWW got her man, Vinny found his inner douche, Mike was the town gossip, Team Meatball was in full effect, and Sammi and Ronnie were "over" for good. But was it REAL?

The entire time I was watching it, I kept thinking everything seemed more  "produced" than ever before.   But something very specific was gnawing at me, I just couldn't put my finger on it.


I woke up in a cold sweat, slapping my forehead.  "Ah, yes" I screamed to myself.  "The photos!!!!!"

A little background: one of the downfalls of being a successful reality show is the paparazzi attention. By the time Season 3 came around for Jersey Shore, the photogs and fans with camera phones were ever-present.  Surely a thorn in the side of MTV.  If you've ever seen the raw footage from fan cell phones on YouTube or TMZ type coverage of the kids on the Shore last summer, you saw in actuality that they had throngs of fans screaming their names everywhere they went. So you know the editors and sound guys did a lot of extra work to make it look like the JS cast were still normal kids having a typical Seaside experience.

Cut to sometime in September 2010 when I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, "A Socialite's Life."  There were 40+ images (via WENN photo agency) featuring the cast bidding farewell to the shore house.  KABLAMO - here's Exhibit A, B, C through Z to prove that Sammi and Ronnie did not leave the house in the way that MTV lead us to believe - a screenshot from ASL  (visit the site to see the full gallery):  

As you can see, Sammi and Ronnie were hugging and even kissing goodbye.  They sure looked together, or at the very least on good terms to us.  As we also told you (way before the gossip rags), they eventually had a more permanent "break-up" in January.

Here's my guess as to what happened.  Given that Sammi and Ronnie broke up in January, the post-production team soon after cut a finale that showed a permanent break up to catch up with time.  That way, the Reunion special would be more current.  Mmmm Hmmmm, we see what you did there M(anipulation)TV.

October 2011 Update on Ronnie and Sammi's Relationship!

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