Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Kim Zolciak's New 11,000 Sq. Ft. House?

Kim Zolciak is allegedly moving on up from her townhouse in Duluth, GA to a sprawling $3.2 million 11,000 sq. ft. estate located on two acres of land in nearby Roswell.  The news was revealed yesterday by Zolciak's daughter Brielle on her Formspring page.

The new  house boasts such luxury features as 3 kitchens, an elevator, and a 30 seat theater just to name a few.This is a big step up for Kim whose 3.3k sq. ft. Duluth townhouse listed for just under $500,000 late last year.

No word on whether Kroy will be living in the new house - but who wouldn't want to live there?  Congrats to the growing Zolciak family.

UPDATE 3/10/2011: Kim just Tweeted this about hoping they accept her offer on a house:

(images via Zillow.com)


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I bet Nene is envy with green

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    the decor is tacky

  3. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Really? Tacky?

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I highly doubt if NeNe is jealous cause NeNe's home is paid for in full and not rented like Kim's.

  5. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Please stay in Duluth! Or stay in raswell just don't come to Milton we don't want trailer trash here please! This won't last very long, I for sure won't be watching the 4 th season or much less kims new spin show. The woman is a user! It's not hard to tell, shame o. Her and on bravo for having thus woman who's hav g an affair w a married man brodcasted on tv. I do t envy her anything. My children would never b a shame of me at least!

  6. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I believe you need to spell check before you run off with you Dumb ass comments!! Its Roswell not Raswell. I guess you never made it out the trailer park!!

  7. Anonymous8:10 PM

    NeNe's house is NOT paid for! She is in a new house every season and is a renter! NeNe thinks she is something because she can write a check for some piece of shit car...........what a fat loser! Did ya see the pool NENE!!!hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Lol nene cashed a trump check remember lol......

  9. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Did you forget NeNe is a rich Bitch!!!

  10. Anonymous9:53 PM

    NeNe has been in the SAME house EVER season.

  11. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Yeah NENE is jealous of a home wrecking whore would tried to break up a married man and his wife and then slept with and got pregnant from the first ass that did not use a condom. Yeah NENE is jealous! Whores always win. Kim is the best example on how whores win

  12. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Kim's house is not paid for! your point. what happens when Kory(stupid ass) realizes she is a whore.... move

  13. Anonymous2:32 PM

    That is not the same house get ur facts straight. Yeah Kim really work for a what she has. Home wrecking trash get everthing.

  14. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Nene was evicted from her home that she appeared in during season 1

  15. I'm really happy for her and I wish her and her family a happy life and the house, Damn I ain't hatin! you others who say it's "tackey" please tell me what you have!

  16. Anonymous6:33 PM

    she is beyond stupid. she can only ride this wave so long.

    Lets see, she had an 8pound baby and needs over 10,000 sq.feet?? And since she has the cash, why not Rent and pay huge electric bills. then when the wave crashes so will she..

  17. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Funny that Kims new Master Bedroom furniture is the same furniture as Lee Najjar "Big Papa" master bedroom furniture in his mansion on West Paces Ferry Road, view home for sale at

    you can also watch MTV TEEN CRIBS Jamen & Kaitlin Najjar

  18. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Did anyone see the series where Kim said she is leasing the house from the Interior Decorator? I did!!!

  19. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I actually love to see Kim and sexy Kory. I must admit, Kory is damn sexy, and KJ-baby looks juts like handsome Kory. I love to see the two of you together, I actually think you two are perfect. Kim your beautiful and DAMN Kory, your to damn sexy. Smiles!
    However, there's a big age difference! Even-though I love to see the two of you together, I actually think Kim is to old for Kory. Kim your expecting your 2nd child with Kory, I think your rushing him in-order to "Hold on to him due to your past." To be quite honest with you, I see that Kory's beautiful mother isn't pleased with you at all Kim, she's not happy that her son is with you. However, she will go along with it to please her son. Thank's Toni

  20. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Kim your beautiful, I think you look a lot like your dad. Kim please take my advise and please, please don't curse your mother like you do on the show. You disrespect your own mother it only shows that you will do the same to Kory's mother. I think you will be bossing Kory around like a little dog soon. I think Kory should get out of this marriage before it's to late. Kim you are highly disrespectful! NeNe in no way shape or form is jealous of Kim! " R U Crazy! NeNe is long and sexy honey, and she's damn sexy.

    I would like to see NeNe marry John Kolaj now...that is a sexy couple and I'm sure they wouldn't be renting any house.

    By the way, Kim's decorator own her house and from what I understand, Kim can't make the payment/s in a timely manner. Kim is using Kory and Kory's parent's don't approve her Kim and her wild life.