Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Shh Don't Tell Steve (@shhdontellsteve) Author Tweets About Rise and Fall of TV Series Deal

The author of the @shhdontellsteve (SDTS) Twitter account - which chronicles the life of the writer's unknowing (and hilarious) buffoon of a roommate, Steve - came forward today about his Hollywood experience.  

A little background: similar to the story of the (now flailing) CBS show "Sh*t My Dad Says,"  SDTS is a Twitter account that amassed a cult-like following - to the point that Hollywood took notice. Late last year, CBS came calling once again to pursue a sitcom  based on the SDTS story.  

Since that time the SDTS Twitter account has gone radio silent-   presumably to work out a deal, script, pilot etc...  That silence was broken today when the author (name unknown) Tweeted a series of entries explaning what happened (spoiler alert: not a happy Hollywood ending).  

The Tweets follow (in chronological order): 

Here is how I went to LA, Steve almost became a “gigantic” national icon, I ate a Pinks Chili Dog and never met Ashton Kutcher in 14 tweets 

Get a call from an Agent that wants to turn my Steve feed into a sitcom. I’m told we can “deal with all the legal Steve related stuff” later 

CBS doesn’t pick up show. Everybody is very cool about it. Turning Steve into Gigantic Global Icon is firmly back in #stevenation’s court 

Hollywood happy ending (yet), but there's one thing we do know - we're still 100% #SteveNation.

P.S. we think this would make for a great movie - so you never know....
P.P.S who's the creepy sexting agent????

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