Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Party For Charlie Sheen's Twin Boys at Hilton Family House (With Pics)

At this very moment, there's a 2nd birthday celebration Charlie Sheen's twin boys (Bob and Max)

It was reported by MSNBC earlier today that Hilton family matriarch, Kathy Hilton, would be hosting the party for the boys at the Hilton family home in Bel Air.

We even have a picture of the party layout courtesy of Conrad Hilton (youngest Hilton son), who Tweeted this morning "Just woke up and my back yard looks like this.. I'm down!!!!" with the following photo:

Nick Hilton, this afternoon, Tweeted: "I go to kids parties strictly for the food! :D" together with this yummy pic:

David Katzenberg, boyfriend of Nicky Hilton (and son of Jeffrey Katzenberg), also Tweeted:

Interesting choice of #words, David. Sounds like a fun  party.  

So, what's the relation with the Hiltons? Kathy Hilton knows Brooke Mueller - mother of the boys -  because she is friends with her daughter Paris Hilton.  Brooke is currently filming a reality show with Paris for the Oxygen channel.

Bob and Max are not the only children of Charlie Sheen who are celebrating birthdays today.  The MSNBC story also purports that Denise Richards is throwing a 7th party for daughter Sam. According to the story, Charlie Sheen will not be in attendance at either party.  

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