Friday, May 06, 2011

OMG Arvin Lall Shows Up On Jimmy Fallon's "Jersey Floor" !!!! BRB GOING TO BREATHE INTO A PAPER BAG LIKE THEY DO IN THE SITCOMS!!!!!!

So anyone who knows me (AKA my dog) knows that I enjoy Jimmy Fallon's Jersey Floor and Real Housewives of Late Night more than I friggin love the original shows themselves (which is a friggin lot - cause I friggin live for dem shows) (oh PS, don't mind the accent, I just got done watching Mob Wives and it takes a while for the Staten Island to get off me).

So anyhoo, I'm doing my late night channel surfing and my boy Jimmy graced us with a new episode of Jersey Floor tonight.

But if that wasn't enough of a treat as I was enjoying my night cheese and PM pinot, three quarters of the way through, guess who decides to make a surprise cameo  when they play the Stalker Bugle (AKA the Jersey Floor version of the Grenade Whistle. Keep up!) like it's no big deal?????

None other than ARVIN LALL of Arvin Lall from Jersey Shore Season 3 drove an irreparable wedge between Ronnie and Sammi and then we were all mad but then we did some Internet stalking and subsequent blogging about him so then he kind of grew on us in an ironic way fame!!!!!

ARVIN FRIGGIN LALLLLLLLLL!!!!  In all his smuggy glory!!! Thank dog for the rewind button cause if you blink you'll miss him!

Oh yeah - these broads showed up too. NBD.

Check out the full episode below to see for yourselves:. 

(P.S. Hey Arvin, if you ever Google yourself - who are we kidding, WHEN YOU GOOGLE YOURSELF TOMORROW - aand stumble upon this site, email us a shout out to publish at - your growing fan club here will go crazy).

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