Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sheen's Korner Episode 4 - Tiger Blood Organic Juice Finally Unveiled!!

Sheen's Korner Episode 4 (Building the Perfect Torpedo) just got started and the important news first... the moment we've been waiting for has finally come!  The Tiger Blood drink has been unveiled.  Looks like it's made with 100% organic beet, carrot and pear juice (that's all we can see from this shot of the label).  Pretty cool, we're all for healthy.  We predict it will sell off the shelves and will join the ranks of Red Bull and Cranberry Juice as the most popular drink mixers. 

Aside from that, the new opening intro was too bizarre to accurately describe - quick cuts of Sheenisms, a bottle of Cialis, images of "enemies" (see below) and scenes form old movies like Platoon.  Once Charlie came into focus, we saw a cleaner, more put together Sheen....

The episode was short and consisted of Charlie making declarations about the injustice and "high treason" of his recent firing.  He then recited near incomprehensible poetry as he announced an enemy list of sorts.  On that list?   

Les Moonves
Peter Roth
Bruce (not sure who, no last name given)
Chuck Lorre

And that's all she wrote...

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