Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do You 2Birds1Blog? We Do. Check Out Our Q&A With Meg McBlogger!

Woot. Woot. Our little "engine that could" blog is rubbing elbows with some bullet trains.  We did a Q&A with 2Birds1Blog's Meg McBlogger.

Some background:

If you even have to ask what 2Birds1Blog is, then you're probably not hip enough to be reading this (and you don't take my blogroll seriously - how could you?).  But you can stay.

What is it?  In it's self-described words, 2Birds1Blog is "the sardonic voice of 20-somethings everywhere." 2B1B catalogs the life of lovable slash mischievous Meg McBlogger. An explanation beyond that won't do it justice because you have to read it to truly "get it."  Meg has had a couple different co-bloggers through the years, but Mr. Tulane Chris (AKA Ethel to Meg's Lucy - if you're a baby, let me rephrase this: Lily to Meg's Miley slash Hannah) has been the steady mainstay for some time now, because he's pretty awesome too.  

Be forewarned that the moment you discover it, you'll read the most recent entry and say to yourself "What the heck is this thing?  I must have more immediately."  Then you'll say to yourself - "I can't read this thing in reverse - it will mess with the time/space continuum, and I can't have that on my shoulders." So you'll scroll to the very first entry in 2007 - when our little baby Meggles just finished college and entered the real world - and get hooked in (P.S. she hid her real identity in the beginning, you'll get it - just keep reading).

Before you know what hit you, you'll shut out life, call in sick, slip into your Snuggy (natch) and go to town - reading the posts through the years then waking up out of the 2B1B coma a few days later saying "No seriously, what was that??????" "Must have more!" (P.S. the postings drop off at times and you'll probably join the throngs of Birdsers (yeah Meg/Chris, I just named your legion of followers, you're WELCOME) who send loving hate mail to them until they publish a new post. (P.P.S. lucky for us, they'll have a book out this Fall - we had to suffer a bit of a drought while they were writing it, but phew, that's behind us now).

Meggles is the bees knees and on a whim-sy, we (AKA I) sent her a bunch of Q's - cause we just had to know even more about her (which is saying a lot because in the past 4 years, she's revealed more about herself than we even know about our closest friends/family/enemies/bosses etc. etc. and so on and so forth.)  That was a few weeks ago, then crickets.  But today - the birds were a chripin.  Meggles indulged our Q's with some A's on the blog this morning.  Head on over and ch-ch-check it out.

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