Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ashton Kutcher Punks TMZ Staffers In New Spoof

Ashton Kutcher put TMZ on blast today.  In a new spoof video mimicking TMZ, Ashton and crew film and discuss paparazzi-style videos of TMZ staffers, from Harvey to Max to Dax (it's funny cause it rhymes) to Charlie etc....  In the video, the various TMZ-ites have cameras pointed in their faces much to their dismay. Ashton and crew then insert rediculous commentary, voiceovers and speculation around a few seconds of video.  The original "Kramer" even makes an appearance.

Once the video was loaded, Ashton put TMZ on blast via Twitter:

The video is obviously a promotional spot for PopChips, but the intent runs much deeper than that given Ashton's own experience with the paps.  Wonder how I can get a company to sponsor my personal vendettas.. Hey Pop Chips, call me.  I had this nemesis in Kindergarten, Jamie....

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