Wednesday, November 03, 2010

BOA CONSTRICTOR HAS VIRGIN BIRTH!!! (or a Boa Constrictor Lies to Her Parents)

So miss little minx boa snuck out a few months ago. To cover up her indiscretion, she lied to her parents (fake body made of pipes did the trick).  But now - whoda thunk she'd get pregnant (it wasn't the McDonald's!!).  Little miss thought fast and got away with the old "it's a miracle" defense.

Just kidding, this is a hose!

No seriously, all joking aside, a boa constrictor really did give a virgin birth to 22 little mini clones (because that's what they are when they're fatherless). And apparently this isn't the first time or the first species that's pulled this trick.

Men, watch out - one day, we may not need you at all anymore!

Go boa, go boa, go boa. Check it out:

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