Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lo Bosworth Tries to Call "Out" Jonathan Taylor Thomas???

So we're sittin' there (in our "big" sweats, you know, until our pajama jeans get shipped), watching the boob tube (<---trying to bring that term back) switchin back and forth between The Daily Show and Chelsea Lately.   All of a suddles, on Chelsea, Lo Bosworth "accomplished author" (and host of past boring UStream Web chat) comes out to be interviewed and she starts singing the praises of her now single life.

Somehow, conversation turns to her crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas and she blurts out something to the effect of "but he's gay I heard" (not an exact quote because I don't have it on DVR so I couldn't rewind - but you get the point). She uttered these words followed by a bunch of giggles as if it's no big thing.

First off, we have no knowledge of JTT's sexual preference either way. But REGARDLESS, he is obviously not publicly out.  So we're gonna have to call you out Lo, that was uncool, and kind of a spoiled brat move.   Boo.

P.S. Did you see the episode? Leave a comment - are we being overly sensitive???

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