Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion - Kinda Meh. No?

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So last night, we popped the popcorn, got on our "bigger" sweats (hey, it's winter) and settled into the couch to watch the promised "explosive" RHOA reunion.  As each minute passed, becoming more "meh" than the last, we tried to convince  ourselves to "stay pumped" and that something dramatic would happen real soon.

Ugh, such was not the case.

  • Yes Kim and Nene "had it out" but it wasn't anything we hadn't heard before. AND they looked like they were just going through the motions in their one major tete a tete (<-- is that how you spell that????), you know, for contractual reasons.   This time, it really seemed like it was all for the cameras.  But in all seriousness, how many of you think Nene's changed?  She's just mean all the time now - like last season's Jill Zarin in NY, no?
  • They kept trying to make us care about Cynthia the "runaway bride."  Listen, Cynthia is gorgeous for sure, but crazy eyes scare men away.  Period.  We have a feeling the running in her past wasn't done by her. 
  • Poor Kandi wasn't really even given a chance to talk. But there's promise she will have more of a part next week when she has it out with Kim over money for her songs.  
On the brighter side...
  • It was nice to see the "real" side of Phaedra.  Here level-headedness and "lawyered-up" vernacular convinced us that she is in fact a smart business woman and not the ridiculous caricature she portrays on the show.  Looks like she dropped the act in the reunion.  Not sure if that bodes well for her or not because if Nene or Kim leave, we need a new drama queen to step up and Phaedra is our only hope.
  • We liked Sheree's new hair AND Kandi's.  We're not sure why all the hate about Kandi's hair.  Derek J is a master and you WILL respect his work!
Some predictions:
  • We think Nene probably wants her own show.  We wouldn't be surprised if she's vying for it behind the scenes as we speak.
  • We think Kim will actually be the one to get her own show.  She not only can carry it in her own right, but she brings with her an interesting cast of characters.
P.S. are we leaving anything out??? Leave a comment!!!

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  1. Anonymous12:12 AM

    aGrEe aBout Nene for sUre but still undecided about Phaedra. Kim seems like she's a little too good now. She used to be more upfront and open, now she just clams up most of the time like she's over it.