Monday, February 07, 2011

Day's Dits - Hosted By a Cross-Eyed Wombat

Cause cross-eyed possums are so 2010.  
  • Joan Rivers is the new Betty White (we called it) (in our heads) (still counts). BTW, what ever happened to the promised Marla Gibbs resurgence? 
  • Hoda Kotb revels in Kristen Wiig's flawless impression... Kathie Lee, not so much
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck calls Mr. Maher "Little Billy" -  attempt to demean falls flat. 
We got lazy, feel like crowdsourcing.  Send us more tidbits ("Dits") and we'll add 'em here. You'll be famous. Oh yea, we're also too lazy to find links to these bullets.  Deal with it, or do the work for us.....  Leave a comment on how much you hate our slovenly keesters today.  We're tired, going to take our 10th 15 minute "power nap" o' the day.  

P.S. our wombat drawing is primo supremo eh? We know, right??? Too bad we don't have the motivation to back up that kinda talent.  Coulda been a contendahhhhh.

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