Friday, February 11, 2011

Jersey Shore Girls: Did JWOWW and Sammi Get New Plastic Surgery?

A New Jersey Shore Investigative Report

So there we were last night being our hyper-observant, multitasking, no life selves, watching Jersey Shore, the Jersey Shore Aftershow and reading the Twitter streams of the entire cast.  No big right?  But then, our plastic surgery synapses began firing smoethin' fierce and we had to do a couple double takes.

Let's start with JWOWW.  JWOWW has obviously had plastic surgery on her breasts and she has been very upfront about it.  But if you remember, recently we began questioning the integrity of her lips (see the very end of THIS post we did ), because it looked like she had a plumper pout during a recent media appearance.

Well, yesterday, on the Jersey Shore Aftershow, JWOWW and her lips walked out and our eyes popped out our heads.  Did she get lip injections or some other lip work done?  We're not saying she did, but.........

Check out the evidence:

Draw your own conclusions.  (We see what you did there Jenni).

Ok, lets move on to Sammi.   This one is a little more complex so pay attention PATsy Nation.  Recently, a Jersey Shore daily clip was released with Sammi talking to Snooki about getting breast implants or a lift (P.S. she also dissed JWOWW's work in the process, mhmmm).  Observe Exhibit A (which took place in the Summer of 2010):

Notice the "sporty" nature of her upper region.

Now, fast forward to yesterday when Sammi tweeted this picture of herself (AKA Exhibit B):

Hmm, she certainly looks healthier up top.  Now we know that a serious bra can do wonders, but... they're pretty BIG no?  What do you think?  Did Sammi have work done???  

UPDATE: Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, we know he's not a girl but we're starting to wonder if Pauly D has pec implants.  No? Yes? 

UPDATE (2/16): Sammi just tweeted this pic of herself. Um... interesting.  We'd like to get your thoughts.  We see what you did there Sammi (P.S. we know you took the pic Sammi, no matter how hard you tried to mask your left arm extending ever so slightly! We know those tricks... Um hmmm):

UPDATE 8/4/2011 - Click HERE for a post on our first impressions of Jersey Shore Season 4 Italy (including the mystery of Sammi's ta tas. 

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  1. Anonymous7:33 PM

    So glad you posted this! I was Googling everywhere looking to see if anyone else had noticed. I was watching the after hours show last night and when Jenni came out I went o_O ... Looks like lips and maybe even nose too? Or eyes? Eesh.

  2. Anonymous12:20 AM

    JWOWW doesn't surprise me, but interesting about Sammi if it's true. I always thought the same thing about Pauly's pecs. It's like, we know he works out a lot but the shape of them is too perfect almost???

  3. Anonymous1:43 PM

    What is Sammi going to do about all the sun damage to her face? She is only 24 but already has that leather sking look

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I have known Pauly for many years......we went to high school together and NO he did not have pec implants..,..hes always been big with looking good and always had a nice build to his body

  5. Anonymous12:35 PM

    sammi has way bigger boobs and i love jwoww but i dont like her lis they loke like the wideness was pullde up her face....i dont think auly would get surgery and it would be would be weird if he did cause its sorta like a girl getting a boob job but hes a guy

  6. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Sam...Did Actuali get a boob job...i saw her at some event and her boobs looked huge!

  7. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Seriously I think Sammie just gained weight and her boobs got bigger. Jwoww definitely had something done to her face!

  8. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Jwoww needs to slow down with the plastic surgery on her face.....making her look older. there was nothing wrong with her face before.

  9. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Jwoww Was way WAY WAY More gorgeous before , Fake breasts are one thing , All the power to ya , make em huge girls , but your face was gorgeous and now you've wrecked it Jenni ! You need to go and eat a cheeseburger or some lettuce with high fat dressing and go back to looking like the gorgeous woman you were !

  10. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Yeah JWoww's face looks weird. I know faces change when you lose weight but it just looks unnatural.

  11. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Wow jwoww what did u do u were so beautiful befour u lost all that weight I hope after u see urself on tv after this season u see that ur way to small now but Sammie and snooki u look so sexy keep doing what ur doing

  12. Anonymous11:36 PM

    jwoww's face def doesnt look normal i think she looked better before her face looks fake i think she should go back to the way she looked before there was nothing wrong with the way she looked she's very pretty

  13. I love the whole cast of Jersey Shore. My fave is Deena. She blends well on both sides F/M. Don't get me wrong I like them all but she's def brought this cast sum more Spunk. Thanx 4 Entertaining us =D ~KluunkGirl~

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      deena is an ugly obnoxious lesbian and the rest of them are morons besides pauly and vinny. pauly and vinny are the only normal people on that show, they seem like cool dudes! and yes jwow had a nice face before, she made the biggest mistake of her life getting platic surgery, her looks are ruined for life and shes still very young, what a fool she is. sammi still looks good, even though i think fake boobs are stupid. i like em natural! why do girls think plastic surgery makes them look better, do they not realize that every single person who has plastic surgery ends up looking much worse than before, so essentially they are paying someone loads of money to make them look strange and unattractive or downright scary!

  14. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I have to agree jwow looks strange , she looked way better before another victom of plastic surgery :( its like a drug just say NO

  15. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Yeaah , Am Also Curious About Jwoww's Face ... Did She Get A Implant ?

  16. Anonymous12:58 AM

    jenni wtf where you thinking? shes so frail and sickly looking i cant believe she did that to her self. hopefully it'll be a slap in the face when she sees herself on TV. and Sammie, yes my first thought was holy sh*t she had some work done to. but the more of the episodes that i watch i can see that she has defiantly gained weight all over, under her chin and in her mid section. but for the most part they all have changed a little this season. But i miss the old meatball snooki, I'm happy for her though.

  17. Anonymous11:02 AM

    I think Sammi's face looks WAY diff.

  18. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Don't you guys see that Sammi got her eyes done? She had a lot of extra skin on the top of her lid that is no longer there and she obviously got a boob job too and a nose job! Snooki got a nose job and the other meatball too. Jenni of course got injections in her lips which made her look like she had a duck mouth.Vinny is the only one who looks normal and doesn't walk around looking orange! Love the show guys!

  19. Anonymous3:14 PM

    i have to second that i think sammi just got fat.

  20. Anonymous2:30 AM

    i love them all i dont miss a min... of the show but i gotta say girls u look good they way u r stop with all the fake stuff be ur self thats why the world waches the show in the first place dont chang ur u. ps love u guys ....

  21. Anonymous2:55 PM

    i think sammi had facial surgery fo sho

  22. I could care less. Let them DO THEM and y'all DO Y'ALL! I personally liked Sammy as "the girl next-door " Now she's a bit too "Glam".

  23. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Sammi is so pretty and i don't think she got a boob jobs she is natural and beautiful.By the way she don't need to fix anything to impress guys she does it by how she looks beautiful!!!!!!!

  24. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Who gives a shit

  25. Anonymous11:14 PM

    I agree who cares?! Yeah I don't agree with plastic surgery on the face bc is usually ends up looking weird or giving you a duck face but again who cares. Let them do what they want it's their body. Plastic surfer or not love them.... Specially snooki jenni vinny