Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's JERSDAY!!!! - Our Prep Ritual PLUS Updates on the Jersey Shore Gang

Jersday is heeeeeeyah.  Creepy Ronnie behind the plant (kudos to the cameraman who couldn't have staged a better shot if he tried) invites you in....

We do a lot of prep on Jersdays before we can comfortably sit down on the couch and revel in the crazy shenanigans of our favorite Guidos and Guidettes:

  1. We gotta get our hoop earrings on, so we can take them off all dramatic to signal "we about to throw down" when someone in our "viewing party" (AKA our dog) tries to talk (AKA bark) too loud during the episode.
  2. We dust off our bunny slippers and throw them on, along with our hottest leopard print dress, which we've been wearing since Tuesday.
  3. We gotta make sure we've watched all the current Jersey Shore Dailies.  We study these tapes with the aplomb of a Fox News body language expert cause sometimes there are hidden signs of foreboding.  We use this knowledge to back up the smug "we knew that was going to happen" look on our face to the envy, nay jealousy, of all our friends we're watching with (see #1 for a list of said friends). 
  4. And very soon (fingers crossed by next week) we'll be throwin' our Pajama Jeans into the Jersday Prep wardrobe rotation.  
So anyway, here's your Jersey Shore roundup to catch you up on what the gang's been up to this week (in real life time):
  • Mike the situation (<-- tersely not capitalized, cause you know, it's Mike) is using Rosetta Stone to learn Italian before leaving to Italy for Season 4.
  • JWOWW is still doing the rounds for her "book" (AKA pamphlet) tour.  Today, Access Hollywood Live put her on the spot about whether current beau Roger was "the one."  Barf.  P.S. if anyone reading this has actually bought and read her book, please send us an email ( so we can do an interview with you for the site.
  • Snooki hosted the MTV Grammy show and spent some QT Valentine's time with her man Jionni.  Apparently, her ex, Emilio, did something obnoxious this week but we were too uninterested to look it up.
  • DJ Pauly D did some Grammy hosting too we think.  He's just all over the place DJing and what not (we think, didn't really spend too much time on our Pauly research this week since it's always the same ol' with him DJing in Vegas, NY, NJ, Rhode Island, Canada etc... etc...)
  • Vinny is kind of getting grosser and grosser on his Twitter, in only what we can assume is a cry for attention. 
  • Sammi is transmitting Twitter pic after pic of shots that showcase her (possibly newly purchased) breasts.  Most recently one in a car on the way to the Bebe fashion show taken from a very convenient angle. They kind of scream desperation to the outside world,  but we think she thinks they'll make Ronnie "eat his heart out."
  • Meanwhile, Ronnie's still hawking Xenadrine, and promoting some Playboy Radio interview in what we can only imagine is an attempt for Sammi to "eat her heart out."  Oy these two. 
P.S. the old news one, AKA Angelina, apparently got engaged this week.  Yawn.

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