Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daily Dits - Brought to You By.....

  • Our DVR is on the fritz.  Desperate for TV, we scrounged the cable on demand bins and watched the first two episodes of the Joan & Melissa reality show.  Couple things ladies:
  1. You're telling us that we're supposed to believe Melissa and Joe Francis are "longtime friends?"  Yeah, the closeness between the two just blew us away.  In no way do we suspect that you share the same publicist (or manager etc.. etc...) and this was a contrived attempt to garner some cross-publicity for Joe's new T&A something or other while earning some street cred points for Melissa.  P.S. in no way do we think Joe Francis can earn one street cred points, but we think Melissa and Joan think so. 
  2. We've seen many a scripted reality shows in our day, but this... this thing.... makes The Hills look like an Academy Award winning documentary. (Seriously, we really wanted to like it, we love Joan after seeing her HBO documentary, but this thing is just a piece of crap that we can't polish). P.S. we'll still probably watch every episode.  
  3. The cliche Swedish nanny? Really?  We don't even have to write a joke for that one. Really??? (<-- read in "Really With Seth & Amy" voice)
  • We're debating whether we should "invest" in Real Housewives of Miami. @BravoAndy - you have a limited window of time to convince us. So far, the sneak peeks have been a little unda-well-ming. We already (halfheartedly) watch Basketball Wives ... soooooo we have a rule that we don't watch simultaneous reality shows set in the same city (New Jersey exempt, of course).  P.S. that's not really a rule so much as something we just made up to rationalize our lack of enthusiasm for RHOM. Anyhoo aren't like 50% of cheap reality shows produced in the bowels of the San Fernando Valley? (and more like 80% of VH1 reality shows).  We hope to be eating crow about RHOM soon because, well, we got a lot of time on our hands.   
  • Speaking of VH1 reality shows, we were soooooo loving the second season of You're Cut Off until, much to our dismay, Jenn Jowett (<---- PS we had no idea what her name was, so we Googled "You're Cut Off 2" Crazy Girl and voila!) was kicked off.  P.P.S. we just got sidetracked for a good half hour after Googling Jenn, reading up on all her misadventures like (allegedly) being pulled over for a DUI the day the show debuted.  Then we got caught up in her Twitter stream and man is she bitter about how everything went down.  We had fun reading her disses on Laura the Life Coach and her back and forth Tweet war w/Season 1 girls (namely, Gia Khay).  Our favorite Jenn quote on the S1/S2 rivalry (so far):"our potatoe scene might be more talked about than their season" [sauce: 2/2/2011 Twitter].
UPDATE: Holy mackerel!  We just ran across more info on Jenn (guilty: we're still Googling).  Two posts on the TheDirty website (see here and here) allege that Jenn used to be the mistress of Larry Rudolph, Britney Spears' manager. Yowza! (P.S. we are in NO way saying these allegations are true).
  • The Social Network trailer still gives us goose bumps.  Rashida Jones"(you) got twenty two hundred hits in two hours?"  Zuckerberg actor"Thousand, twenty two thousand"  Brrr!!!!! Chillsssssssssssssss. Don't know why we threw that in here, but the commercial just came on and if you can't tell already, we're just barfing out a nonsensical stream of consciousness soooooooo....
  • Our despotic dog just walked into the room, gave us a dirty look, and walked out.  Prompting us to run after him trying to win his affection back, but he just farted and rebuffed us.  He's cold as ice (except when we're eating Burger King, and we fall for the "fake" niceness every time, guess we know what we're having for dinner now).
  • Have we mentioned how obsessed we've become with the Charles In Charge sitcom from the 80s? Season 1 just dropped on Hulu and we're already 1/3 of the way through it. Only problem is we can't  get the dang theme song out of our heads: new boy in the neighborhood, he lives downstairs and it's understood, he's there just to take good care of me, like he's one of the familyyyyyyy. Charles in Charge of our days and our rights.  Charles in Charge of our wrongs and our rights and you'll see I want.. I want Charles in Charge of me.   <------ kind of pedo bear when you really analyze it now?  Anyway, the show pre-dates us so it's like a whole new discovery. Why don't they make sitcoms like this anymore? P.S.  dang Scott Baio was hot in his day.  Those Baywatch girls never had a chance. Too bad he turned out to be kinda scuzzy (basing this on his crappy VH1 reality show from a few years back, which we believe to be 100% true).  


  1. Anonymous2:53 AM

    I must be older than you, I loved Scott Baio since his "Chachi" days!!! swoon.

  2. Anonymous2:55 AM

    I thought the same thing about the joan & melissa show. Felt bad, really wanted to like it. But just all kinds of wrong.