Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wendy Williams Calls Adam Carolla Her Worst Guest


[6/14 UPDATE! After you read this story (and you have to read this one for it to make sense), read about new developments here, in our update post!]

[6/15 UPDATE:  It appears as though The Wendy Williams Show has chosen to remove the 6/13 After Show from YouTube - bummer]
Seriously, ya'll know by now how much I love my girl Wendy Williams. I am such a devoted fan of her online "After Show" that I'll sometimes even watch it before tuning in to her actual show.

Today was one of those days. Ooooooh, and it was good. In one of her exhilarating-ly candid moments, Wendy let us in on what she REALLY thought about one of today's show guests, Adam Carolla.

I'm COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY paraphrasing here, but she said something like: you all keep asking me who's my worst guest? Well, now you know, it's Adam Carolla.

Wendy went on to say that he disrespected her audience and her throughout the course of the interview. Then, it appeared as if Wendy went on and on complaining about the interview, but it played out in a "fast forward" type sequence where you can't actually hear what she's saying. My guess - and it's just a guess - about the reason for that is legal got involved and wouldn't allow the majority of it to air for liability reasons.

Also, her After Show producer and social media guru, Tristan, who is behind the camera (and has unofficially become the After Show's faceless sidekick since Wendy refers to him constantly) usually gives off the vibe that he is fiercely protective of Wendy and what she divulges. In yesterday's online episode, Wendy even revealed that she sends all her Tweets to Tristan first and HE decides what makes the cut. I guess she learned from the mistakes of countless celebs like Ashton Kutcher.

Anyhow, I ended up watching the TV episode afeterwards - and the Adam Carolla interview wasn't that bad. But I wasn't there in studio, you never know what may have happened behind the scenes. Adam did come out and make fun of one of Wendy's guests claiming something like the man's looks scared him, and that he didn't belong there. Weird. Wendy also confronted Adam about the fact he was the only Celebrity Apprentice cast off who refused to be interviewed by Wendy Williams the day after he was cut. Adam denied knowing he was even invited on her show which seemed like a weak response. Other than that, I got a bit distracted for the second half of the interview so maybe something else happened that I missed?

Check out the entire After Show above. Well - as mentioned in the update above, the video has been taken down.  However, someone did post the on-air show segment with Adam, here it is (until it is taken down too):

Now that I've watched the entire segment  Adam comes off as a bit classless and neanderthal-like, and Wendy comes off as a professional.  No man should never, under any circumstance, say to a woman he just met, "Use your brain woman," even in jest.  He was also unnecessarily cruel to Wendy's staff member about throwing the football too early.  It's live TV guy, deal with it.  

In the course of the 8+ minute segment, he managed to insult the audience, the staff and Wendy and the entire viewership with that crass football "trick" he did at the end.


  1. Derek Johnson3:54 PM

    you're being way too sensitive. this is a non issue.

  2. I have to agree with Derek. I don't watch Wendy Williams because, like Adam said, I'm not her her target demo. The only time I get exposed to her is when I watch The Soup. Just doing a search for "Wendy William audience" will reveal that here audience is a melting pot if that pot contained a large portion of women. In a sea of women, there were a couple men but I'm willing to bet that at least some of those are gay.
    Now, Adam is a comedian and his style is to notice things and riff on them. Surprise, he goes on her show and does exactly what one would expect from him and those observations were pretty tame. The audience seemed to have gotten it. They laughed and not that uncomfortable laugh that one would expect if they had just felt insulted.
    Let's address her issue with That is how Adam always dresses. Would she fault "Larry the cable guy" for coming on wearing jeans and a sleeveless shirt? You might say that Larry is a character but Adam is a product and that has an image associated with it. It would just weird seeing him wearing anything fancier.
    As for Adam being classless, doesn't Wendy have a wall where she sticks old gum to? Doesn't she light pepperoni sticks on fire and eat them on air? Thanks to Soup clips, I'm seen her bring up many topics without a hint of class. I think you're looking at Wendy while she bathed in the glow of your admiration.
    Last, worst guest ever? Really? I'm seen many interviews on other talk shows that were far worse. Maybe she felt it was her worst guest but nothing that called for all of that after-show drama. How about, "Worst interview". She didn't even read the book or she would have known more about him. Grew up rich or from the mid-west? Not even close but my guess she judged him just like she review his book, only by looking at the cover.

  3. Anonymous1:27 AM

    I agree with both of you. When the staff and most of the audience doesn't have a sense of humor... maybe don't have comedians as guests.