Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update on the Wendy Williams / Adam Carolla Situation

So, we brought you this story yesterday about Wendy Williams' confessed disappointment with Adam Carrola's appearance on her show. Well, we have a great update. (Read yesterday's story first before continuing)

Some YouTube genius apparently (or allegedly) slowed down a portion (or all) of the audio from the sped up version of yesterday's After Show above where Wendy "allegedly" goes off on Adam Carolla. And here it is! [UPDATE 6/15 - after you read this, check out Adam's response! It's juicy too!]:

Very juicy stuff indeed! In the event that the video is taken down, here's a transcript of what our girl Wendy allegedly (if it is indeed real and her - sure sounds like her though) said - and boy did she allegedly bring it! [DISCLAIMER: I TRIED TO BE AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE IN TRANSCRIBING, BUT I AM NOT GUARANTEEING 100% ACCURACY BECAUSE IT WAS DONE QUICKLY TO DELIVER THE BREAKING NEWS TO YOU ASAP!!!]:

And you know what? At least if you're gonna throw somethin' on like you're going to, you know, change the oil in your Studebaker, that you would at least bring it with.... Hold on, I'm out of breath and tryin' to curse him out at the same time.

I mean, at least if you're gonna dress like a bum to come to a daytime talk show... uh, your attitude-in' wouldn't be so ill-mannered. I mean, just from the, from the top of the show - and I wanted to like him, and I wanted to like him, I wanted to like him - and I thought that I would.

I don't like him, and he's not our kind of people. And how dare him tell me that the... the white man in the audience wasn't my kind of (indiscernible) ... what was he expecting to see when he came out here? The Soul Train line? Oh I get it, cause I'm a black woman... uh... the people who watch my show and make an effort to come to the audience are supposed to be only black people?

Oh, no I get it, if you're anything but a black woman, you're supposed to be a gay man. Oh, I get it. Listen, let me tell you wh... why'm I? (sigh) I'm sorry. Why am I mad at you? You know our audience is everybody. Uh, hetero, homo, old, young, black, white, Indian, A(indiscernible)... I, I mean our audience is everybody. That's how you build success. You can't, you know, Obama didn't win by just... [ENDS]

Yes, VERY juicy stuff indeed! Wonder if Adam will address any of it on his daily podcast. We'll have to see...

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  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Adam did indeed address this on his podcast today. In any event, Wendy's comment about Adam's sartorial choice is a bit silly-- This is Carolla's workingman "schtick" and it ties in with the book he was promoting. Also, Wendy and her staff were too lazy to even open the book beforehand or even read the jacket, as evidenced by her questions. Such amateurish lack of preparation is far more rude to a guest than what Wendy claims Adam did.

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Wendy's a woman?

  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I thought she was a man this whole time.

  4. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Adam Corolla isn't very good at anything, and he's never a good guest.

  5. I watch the Wendy Williams show almost everyday. I love her style and I love her show. I also used to like Adam Corrola. I used to think he was kinda funny and I loved his voicing of Death on Family Guy. But when I saw the episode of Wendy where he was on, I could not believe how rude and classless he was to her. And on the air, she gracefully played along with him as if it were nothing. I could not believe this full-grown man had such bratty behavior. I was embarrassed for him. Maybe he was having a bad day. But I told my wife, yeah Adam was her worst guest ever and now Wendy has said pretty much the same thing.

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      You must not have testicles since you watch RuPauls little brothers show everyday.

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Love Wendy, but her rant was unnecessary and rude! Wendy is the one that asked him to do the football move. I thought that was classless. She should know basic information about the guests before they go on, or have common sense. He tried to get a job at Taco Bell - he was not rich!

  6. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Hahaha! Good one! BTW none of you can spell....CAROLLA!

  7. On Monday's podcast, Carolla said she sent a note and a bottle of champagne. Apparently she "had a bad day", and regrets her comments.

    Also: she is almost entirely to blame in this situation. (1) She didn't look at the book, where he's pictured wearing the same clothes he appeared in. (2) She can't roll with a comedic improvisor (and should have briefed Carolla to this effect). (3) She let her emotions boil over, though, she's not exactly a "professional broadcaster", and we can't expect her to contain frustration like Letterman does.