Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chelsea Peretti and Chester Hanks (AKA Chet Haze) Finally Hang Out!

Okay - I realize only a small-ish niche of people will care about this - but it IS my blog, and you should care so read up little honeys cause one day when these two are uber famous you'll be burnin' up this post through Googles and what nots.

Chelsea Peretti finally met and hung out with Chet Haze when Chelsea and fellow comedian Aziz Ansari were in Chicago doing a show. The two comedians reached out to Chet Haze on the Twitter with a special last minute invite, which he graciously accepted. Here are Chels n' Chet hanging on what looks like a post show awkward pizza date!!!!!!!!:

So who are these people?

Chelsea Peretti: is a hilarious female comedian and a writer for the NBC show Parks & Recreation. Her standup has been featured on Comedy Central and is good stuff. But that's not really why I care about her. This girl has has one of the funniest Twitter accounts on the planet (@ChelseaVPeretti) - and even the biggest name comedians, like Sarah Silverman, know it. I can't really explain why, you just have to check it out for yourself and then send me a book report on it. LOL remember book reports? Remember when that was your only problem? That ish had me cray for days. I spent more time searching for Cliff's Notes than it would've taken me to read the book!

Chester Hanks:Dude is the celebuspawn of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. But why should we care about the kid (<--- said in Snooki's, but if she's not available JWOWW's but if she's not available Deena's but if she's not available Sammi's who is always available's voice)? Cause he walked down a couple red carpets when he was little? And he has half the DNA of one half of the Bosom Buddies? Uh, NO - cause he's all kinds of hood and "street" now. Chet goes to Northwestern University in Chicago, and a year or two ago he did a cover of Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yelllow called White and Purple which are apparently Northwestern's school colors. You can check it out here because there are no words that could do it justice on this blog. Now he considers himself a pretty surrious hip hop artist ok y'all? I mean he is easy on the eyes, so there's that. Anyhoooo.....

So where do these two cross paths? Well, basically, Chelsea for A LONG TIME now via Twitter just randomly taunts slash loves on slash hilariously reaches out to Chet to the point that it has become a funny back and forth between the two of them. She'll RT his "profound" meaning of life-isms," that seem so deep when you're as young as Chet is (e.g. " My only fear is dying before I reach my Destiny. Life is so beautiful." or say some random thing like "Hey @ChetHaze, meet me at Ruth's Chris in 20" I know it's not funny here because I'm not giving it enough context. But it's pretty hilarious the way Chelsea does it. She's also featured some choice photoshops of the two of them together - here's one from her Twitter and blog sent by fan @erinutech:

That's all - was this an anti-climactic post? Mebbe. But mebbe not when these two are married then divorced but they have a few kids before the divorce but then like twenty years later -after Chet has like four more wives, he'll realize Chelsea was "the one," so at their son's graduation he'll say romantic stuff to her, but she's having none of it, but his charms finally break her down, and they almost get back together, but then Steve Martin is an architect working on her house and she starts falling for him at the same time, and then Chet is all hurt, and so are the kids because they want them back together too. Life is so complicated y'all.

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