Monday, June 18, 2012

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jacqueline Laurita Says Teresa Giudice Does Not Write Her Own Show Blogs

Any devout follower of the Real Housewives franchise - such as moi-self - is aware of the ladies' show blogs on the Bravo website.  Basically, after a show airs, the wives will publish a blog entry reflecting on the episode.

I used to read these pretty regularly, but you know, things get old.  Well, on last night's RHONJ, Jacqueline and Teresa got in a friendship-ending scuffle on the deck of Jacqueline's manor, which I really don't feel like recapping here because it's so ridiculous and so exhausting and so circular that you seriously just want to scream at everyone and say "You're all awful! Just shut up! Especially you Tre!"  Well, I must have been extra bored today because I read both Teresa and Jacqeuline's new posts re: last night's episode.  Again, don't expect a recap here.

The point I REALLY want to make is that the writing in Teresa's blog is clear, articulate - dare I say, polished even?  The construction, the points and counterpoints, the rationale - it's gorgeous.  No misspelled words, no misquoting famous sayings, nothing.  Now, anyone familiar with Teresa in the "real life" of reality TV is aware that she can barely put a proper sentence together.  She always pronounces things wrong, she's never gets sayings right - for goodness sake, in last night's episode she said "heckel and jive, when she most likely meant (I've obviously put too much thought into this) Jekyll and Hyde.

It just didn't add up to me - but I kind of rationalized it in my mind.  Some people are just better at the written word than the spoken word.  I've known a lot of such cases.  However, still it stuck in my craw.  In Teresa's case, the difference is a bit too staggering.

Well - apparently I'm not the only one who thinks such profound thoughts.  Just a couple of hours ago, someone Tweeted Jacqueline asking her this exact question - and here's the exchange:

Boom! There you have it, according to Jacqueline!  My guess is Teresa will deny, deny, deny it - but the evidence really does stack up against her.

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  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Jaqueline just saw the episode with u n Teresa. You have such a beautiful family n have enough problems to deal with. You seem very honest And have been there fir your friend, even when she hasn't been there fir you. You are better off staying away from all that drama. Wishing you the best!