Friday, June 15, 2012

Adam Carolla Responds To Wendy Williams Calling Adam Her Worst Guest

Calls Wendy Williams A Transvestite 
Says She's Talentless

Image Source: Adam Carolla's Twitter @AdamCarolla

Image source: Wendy Williams' Twitter: @WendyWilliams

Oooooooh kids, this feud is heating up! Adam Carolla (Ace Man to his fans) had some choice words for Wendy on his daily podcast today! Now before I continue, I'd like to make two points:

1) If you don't know what the feud is about, check out our stories on Wendy calling Adam out after he appeared on her show earlier this week, and an update on some of the missing parts of her rant. It's okay, we'll wait.

2) I would also like to point out, for the record, that I am actually a fan of both Adam and Wendy - so please don't accuse me of pre-existing bias. I'm probably a marketer's nightmare because I don't fit into a perfect "demo." I watch women's talk shows - especially Wendy Williams - and reality TV, but I also am a huge fan of Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony. I listen to Adam Carolla's podcast regularly, in addition to Jay Mohr and Joe Rogen's podcasts on a semi-regular basis - just to name a few. It's important to make this point because this feud is getting nasty and polarizing. Does it mean I agree with either of these people wholeheartedly? Absolutely not. It's all shades of gray people. Learn all sides of an issue and you've earned your right to declare an informed opinion. Otherwise, keep it to yourself until you have all the facts.

Okay - now that we got that straight - Adam Carolla, on his daily podcast today, addressed the "feud" with Wendy. The topic came up about a half hour into the show when his sidekick Alison Rosen kicked off the news segment by informing Adam that Wendy went off on him on her After Show. Adam apparently hadn't heard of it - according to him - but he did remark that his wife questioned him about the appearance right afterwards in their hotel room. Alison then went on to play both the scrubbed and un-scrubbed versions of Wendy's rant for Adam.

"I want to hear what this transvestite has to say," said Adam as Alison was introducing the two clips.

Um, with that as his opener, I had a feeling he was gonna play dirty from the start - like real gully, and I was right.

Here are some other choice remarks from Adam in the 6-8 minute segment dedicated to the feud [DISCLAIMER: I tried to be as accurate as possible transcribing - and I pulled out the most relevant, juicy quotes - but I can't guarantee 100% accuracy because I worked fast to get this to you ASAP!!! I don't think there are any errors - but if there are, they're minor. If you see anything wrong, let me know and I will update it]:

On Wendy's remarks about Adam's inappropriate attire:
You want a top hat and tails?...... She's a [EXPLETIVE] zero, she does nothing, she just sits up there and wants to talk to you about your shoes and the Kardashians and [EXPLETIVE].

Wow, wow, I didn't know.... I wore nice shoes!... What the [EXPLETIVE] was going on?......

Adam qualifying his upcoming rant
Couple of things, first off - alright this is gonna sound like sour grapes because she was talkin' [EXPLETIVE] about me and now I'm gonna talk [EXPLETIVE] about her.

Adam accusing Wendy of being talentless
She's a zero, she doesn't do anything she doesn't have any comedic chops she doesn't have a point of view, she doesn't have [EXPLETIVE] anything to say, it's all about hair and shoes and woop wooop and all that [EXPLETIVE].

Adam complaining about Wendy's questions and accusing her and her producers not reading the book first
She asked me if I grew up rich..... and she said did you grow up in the midwest?.... No, I grew up trying to get a job at Taco Bell.... She did not even bother to have.... usually what you do is you get your producers to skim the book for you, give you a couple beats on it - although I will say this in defense of proud black women, Gayle King on the CBS show, uh an hour earlier read the [EXPLETIVE] thing cover to cover, loved it, came in the green room and uh never stopped gushing about it.

Back to Wendy insulting Adam's outfit
I'm wearing the [EXPLETIVE] shirt I was wearin'..... it's actually the shirt that I'm wearing in the jacket of the book. I don't know why she [EXPLETIVE] teed up...

On the audience member comment
What happened was, was I,.... I walked onto the stage and there was a dude who was like 52, white as a ghost, looked like Bill O'Reilly and was standing .... dead nut center in a sea of chicks and gays, just [EXPLETIVE] hootin' his head off and I was like, who the [EXPLETIVE] is this guy? And what is he doin' here?

Adam's challenge to Wendy
Well listen, she's a talentless [EXPLETIVE].... obviously she's a talentless [EXPLETIVE] and by the way if she ever wants to [EXPLETIVE] bring it with me like if she ever wants to call in or come on or get it on, I will [EXPLETIVE] smash the [EXPLETIVE] out of her... she is a [EXPLETIVE] zero, there is no possible way she can keep up with me.... She'll never do it..... cause I'll [EXPLETIVE] ball her up like foil and kick her [EXPLETIVE] to the curb

Adam accusing Wendy of looking like a man
And people do think that she's a transvestite, like they don't know that she's a woman... I was like, RuPaul, put some weight on, that's what my whole take was.

Okay -now that I've digested all of it, I think Adam hit way too under the belt. He didn't have to attack Wendy's looks to make his point. She insulted his choice of outfits, not the looks that he can't do anything about. In general, I think it's poor form to insult someone's weight, or looks etc... as your go-to comeback. It's just unnecessary. He could have gone right into the defense of his outfit, and complaining about her not reading the book and he would have made two fine rebuttals. But by saying the other stuff- it negates a lot in my eyes.

Now I do understand that Wendy is on a network show and she has to pick and choose her words in a way Adam does not. Back in her radio days, she too hit way under the belt. So there's that. Adam has uninhibited freedom of speech on his podcast - but Adam sometimes can step too over the line into controversial territory - he has been accused of being racist in the past, I believe on more than one occasion. Many times I don't agree with what Adam has to say, but having said that, his strong opinions and points of view have opened up my perspective on certain topics.

Adam is what he is and Wendy is what she is. My overall opinion hasn't changed much about either of them - since, as a fan, I already know what they're all about. It will be interesting to see if they ever cross paths again. My guess is no.
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  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Adam's response to Wendy Williams was not under-the-belt, it was perfectly appropriate. I watched the original interview: he wasn't rude at all and everything seemed to be fine, so imagine the surprise when two-faced Wendy in her after-show rants about him -- literally to the point of hyperventilating (she sounded crazed).

    Adam didn't have time to process this, he's on stage doing a show when out of the blue he has to watch and listen to this mad woman insult and rage at him. I would've reacted the same way as Adam did, and by and large I'm a mild-mannered man. I give Carolla props for the way he handled it, swift and deadly, I guarantee you Wendy Williams won't have the gut to respond.

    1. I agree whole heartedly Kyle!

  2. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Totally agree. I watched it after hearing all the noise and he did not do anything out of order. She was the one that assumed that he was from the midwest due to being white. She was totally out of order!!

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    If she or her producers have done their research like they should have. They could have expected this type of interview from him. . everything he has said in the interview has been said and done by him in other interviews on the same issue/topic/situation. Even down to the Football Endzone Dance. . .it's all over the net.
    This could have been avoided if someone just turned on their computer and put in a search on Google.

  4. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Adam didn't have to go after her appearance, but that's exactly what Wendy did. I saw the original interview too he wasn't disrespectful at all, she's out of her mind.

  5. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Adam is not wrong at all in the sense that Wendy is not talented... not even talented or smart enough to have some idea about a guest's book he's promoting? Or at least have someone prep her?
    Real professional.

    1. Anonymous1:31 AM

      she wants to talk about carolla being disrespectful? i find the fact that no one on the staff even skimmed the book he is promoting to be pretty disrespectful.

  6. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Carolla's behavior was entirely in-character during the interview and later at his live show. When a talk show features a comedian, it should be assumed that the comedian will bring their sense of humor--and that's all Adam did.

    I was not familiar with Wendy Williams before today, and as a TV presenter I thought she was fine. I'm surprised Adam didn't pick up on some of the strange behavior she exhibited in her rant, such as the claim of being out of breath (when she really just wasn't making sense and needed a moment to think about what she was saying.) This is what Carolla would call a TELL--just like the cops and flight attendants and preachers and Whoopi Goldbergs of the world that he calls out regularly on his podcast, this padding in her speech pattern indicates that she just might be a talent-less hack. Carolla is right when he said that Williams couldn't keep up with him; I had already come to the same conclusion.

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Adam rules.

  8. Anonymous4:55 PM

    I'm on Carolla's side on this one. He's an edgy comedian, while she is a talentless void with nothing interesting to say and absolutely no sense of humor. Carlooa was riffing on funny observations during the interview, like any normal comedian does. Whereas Williams just asked boring and idiotic questions that only seemed to confirm a lack of professionalism among her and her staff due to not knowing anything about his background or the book he was there to promote, which is absurd when you really think about it. "Did you grow up rich?" "Are you from the Midwest?" Give me a break, Wendy, the book is titled after getting rejected by a Taco Bell in Southern California when he was a poor teenager, for christ sake. It's insulting how stupid Williams is.

  9. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Adam Carolla 1, Wendy Williams LESS THAN ZERO.

  10. Anonymous4:13 AM

    It's ironic how she was insulted by his wardrobe, because she failed to pick up his book (the cover of which featured him wearing that SAME SHIRT!).

  11. Yep, definitely with Adam on this one.

  12. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Yeah as a woman of color and also at the show in NYC that evening.....he was pissed but not so much at to whatshe said about his clothes but I think more on really didn't skim the book - not even your peoples....really but if all went correct I could not see them together on her couch - I never watch her show but I would've liked to see that one -