Monday, June 18, 2012

Opie and Anthony Upset Over Mark Wahlberg Not Appearing On Their Show

Image Source, Opie & Anthony Show Twitter @OandAShow
Opie and Anthony expressed their disappointment with Mark Wahlberg during their show this past Friday.  Apparently, they found out that Mark Wahlberg would not be stopping by their studio to promote his new movie Ted.  Though Mark has been a past guest on O&A, they were informed that for this round of publicity, he would be absent.

The two radio gabbers then discussed the inter-office rumor that the Howard Stern Show ALLEGEDLY requested that Mark give an exclusive satellite interview to their show and forego O&A as a make good for Mark's last round of publicity where he actually did choose to chat with O&A.

Eesh these guest booking politics sound like a nightmare.

Mark Wahlberg stopped by Howard's show this morning.  Haven't heard it yet - wonder if anything good was said.

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