Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Obsessed With: Nikki Finke

Who is she?
A veteran journalist, Nikki created her own blog, Deadline Hollywood Daily (a Hollywood insider trade) several years ago.  She made a name for herself with her amazing scoops.  Particularly during the writer's strike.  Nikki's appeal is that she scares a lot of Hollywood execs.  According to Wikipedia:

Finke has been called the "most feared, despised, and uncompromising journalist in Hollywood."

Nikki has since sold her blog for millions but is still the boss lady Editor In Chief.  

Why do you like her so much?
She's a lady who turned her blog into a force. Plus, she's a HBIC, duh.  Oh yeah, and from what I understand, not a lot of people have actually seen her.  If that means she's an agoraphobic, how much more awesome can she be?  This lady's life is an Oscar worthy movie waiting to happen.

Anything else?
Well, it's hard to tell, there's not much out there about Nikki.  I don't think Gawker likes her because they've written some unflattering articles about her in the past.  Kinda makes me like her more.  And the mystery of her is simply delicious. 

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