Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Best Part Of "Are You There, Chelsea?" - Lauren Lapkus

Lauren Lapkus in NBC's "Are You There, Chelsea?"
Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking... an actual article about "Are You There, Chelsea?" that ISN'T bashing the freshman sitcom? 

Well, sure the show has it's, um, issues like Laura Prepon's (whom I liked in That 70s Show) inability to deliver lines without an invisible mouth full of marbles... (which, in her defense, is getting better every week)  but that's not the point, there's a GAJILLIION of THOSE articles you can look up anywhere.  The point here is to let you know that I - a self-identified sitcom-phile actually halfway LIKE the show - for one reason and one reason alone: Lauren Lapkus (well okay, maybe 1.5 reasons - Natasha Legerro's character is also shaping up to be pretty interesting).  

Who is Lauren you ask?  
Lauren is a 20-something actress and comedienne who cut her comedy teeth in the improv world. In the show, she plays Dee Dee, the lovable, prudish roommate of Chelsea and some other chick.  Lauren's unique appearance and wacky humor make her a true stand out in today's cookie cutter Hollywood.  
Kudos to the AYTC team for featuring DeeDee more in each subsequent episode.  Maybe they realize who the real star is - kind of like they did with Sheldon in "The Big Bang Theory."  
Here's an idea, can we just give Dee Dee her own spin off now? 

Regardless of the fate of the show, I'm betting that Lauren has a bright future ahead.   

Here's Lauren doing a comedic improv skit several years ago.  

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