Thursday, February 02, 2012

Cleaning With Natural Ingredients Is No Longer Too Hippie For The Masses

Look, I've never been a crunchy, "granola" type of gal.  But the realities of today's world are too loud to ignore.  We're bombarded with chemicals on a daily basis - sometimes by choice, sometimes as a byproduct of living in a city - and the effects on human health are a major concern to me.  While I am not a scientist or medical expert, I have done a lot of research on the topic and have drawn my own conclusions.  I encourage everyone to do the same - because the problem will likely only get bigger over time.  

On that note, I used to have at least 20 different specialized cleaners for my home - from surface and wood cleaners to cookware and silver cleaners to toilet bowl cleaners and beyond!  The amounts and types of chemicals in these cleaners are many times hidden from consumers for proprietary reasons.   

 But there's good news, natural household items we already have in the home can double as cleaning agents.  These include: 
  • baking soda, 
  • vinegar, 
  • lemons, 
  • essential oils, 
  • vodka (a natural disinfectant),
  • olive oil

Various mixtures can be concocted depending on the task at hand. Why not begin experimenting to see what suits your needs best?  If it seems a bit too confusing, do some simple online research for ratios of ingredients depending on the type of cleaning.  

An added benefit  is that it also saves money and clears shelf space!  Good luck and more tips welcome!

Happy cleaning!

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