Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Is Jenelle From Teen Mom 2 Bipolar?

Image Source: Jenelle Evans' Twitter 
For the past two seasons of Teen Mom 2, we've all been witness to Jenelle Evans' unstable behavior:  the fights with her mom (it's hard to determine where one's fault ends and the other's begins), her boyfriend, her best friend/temporary roommate.  Many times, Jenelle appears to act impulsively as well as exhibit rage.

Could it be that Jenelle is bipolar?  Far be it from me to diagnose anyone - but it looks like Jenelle hereself exposed the news on her Twitter last week in response to an insensitive remark from a viewer:

The good news is, looks like Jenelle is currently well on her way to leading a more stable life, with the help of treatment:

It's great to see a light at the end of the tunnel for Jenelle, and we hope it only gets better for her and all the other teen moms out there. 

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